Selling a home without an EPC

Energy Performance Certificates, commonly abbreviated to EPCs, are documents that are legally required to obtain before you sell your home, and they detail the energy efficiency of your property.

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Your questions answered when selling property without an EPC

✅ Should I list my house or flat for sale before obtaining an EPC?

The UK government mandates that most types of houses or flats must have a valid EPC in place before you sell your property. If you deliberately avoid trying to get the certificate and try to sell your home, you are making yourself vulnerable to potential fines.

✅ Will it cost me a lot of money to get an EPC for my property before selling?

The cost of an EPC will be case-specific and depend on various factors including the size of your house or flat, as well as the type of property. But as a general guideline you can expect to pay an energy assessor between £60 and £120 to review your home and issue an EPC.

✅ Does every method for selling my home include fees, with or without an EPC?

No. If you try to sell your house or flat to a fast cash home buyer like LDN Properties, they won’t make you pay any commission regardless of whether have an EPC. But auctioneers and estate agents will charge you fees for selling your home regardless of you having an EPC or not.

✅ I have an EPC but it is more than a decade old, is it still valid for my home?

No. The UK government specifies that EPCs which are more than 10 years old are no longer deemed to be valid and are out of date. So if you have such a certificate for your home and would like to sell your property, you will need to obtain a brand-new EPC.

✅ Is every type of property required to have an EPC or are there some extensions?

It depends entirely on the type of house or flat that you own, but some properties are exempt from the requirement to have an EPC. The list of exemptions can include listed homes as well as residential properties used for less than four months or less within one year.

✅ Do potential buyers have a right to ask to see the EPC for my home?

It’s a legal requirement that you have a valid EPC for your house or flat that was issued within that last 10 years. People interested in buying your home have a right to ask to see the EPC, and you are at risk of being fined if you cannot prove you have the certificate.

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