Selling House With Solar Panels

With an increasing focus on the environment, a growing number of people in the UK face the need to sell their house with solar panels.

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Your questions answered when selling property with solar panels

✅ Why do some properties in the UK have solar panels?

Because they can provide certain energy and financial benefits to homeowners. Having solar panels installed on the roof of a house of a block of flats will generate power from the sun, which can then be used as free electricity in the property. Some people also like to have solar panels on their properties because they are more environmentally friendly than other power sources.

✅ Which types of properties have installed solar panels in the UK?

The vast majority of solar panels installed on properties in the UK are on the rooftops of houses, whether they are detached or semi-detached. That’s because the roof space and sole ownership makes it easy for installing them. But owners of some blocks of flats and other properties have added solar panels, so it’s not just limited to typical freehold houses.

✅ Are solar panels on a property always fully owned by the homeowner?

No. Some houses do have solar panels that the owner has completely paid for, including installation and the ownership of those will transfer with the sale of the house. However, many homes throughout the UK that feature solar panels do so because the owner has agreed to let solar companies install them for free and to have a long lease on their roof placement.

✅ What problems can sellers face with trying to sell a home with solar panels?

If you have agreed to let a solar provider install panels on your roof and then give them a lengthy lease for that space, for example 25 years, many typical mortgage providers might be unwilling to give someone a loan to pay to buy your property because the lease complicates the sale. If that’s the case, consider selling to a quick home buyer such as LDN Properties.

✅ Is a home with solar panels more or less attractive to buyers?

It can often be a case-by-case issue, because one potential buyer might be environmentally focused and be seeking a home with solar panels whilst the next person may be opposed to have solar panels on their next property. Be sure to fully disclose the solar panels when communicating with prospective buyers, including whether they involve a rooftop lease.

✅ Will it cost me money to sell my home if it features solar panels?

Not necessarily. You will have to pay estate agents and property auctioneers if they sell your home with solar panels installed, because they always charge commission for their work. Some auctioneers might allow you to pass the costs on to the buyer. But to sell your home for free, contact LDN Properties because we never charge people any fees to buy their houses or flats.

✅ Which is the speediest method for selling a home with solar panels installed?

Selling your home to a quick buyer will take just a few short weeks, and that covers all parts of the process including exchanging contracts and the homeowner receiving their proceeds. An auction might take a few months from the date you list your home for sale and when the auction occurs, and selling via an estate agent could possibly take many months or even longer.

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