How much is my house worth?

When you’re preparing to sell your house or flat, one of the crucial factors will be determining the value of your home. If you’re asking “What is my home worth?” – keep reading for more information.

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✅ Are online valuations always accurate or could they be wrong sometimes?

Online valuations can certainly vary in their accuracy, particularly because some valuation tools you’ll find on the internet simply aggregate what could be very old data about home prices and give you a significant overestimate or underestimate. In contrast, other types of online valuations might be more accurate if they ask for many details specific to your property.

✅ Do I have to pay to have a professional give me a home valuation?

No. You’ll find that many online home valuation tools are completely free. Another way to get no-cost valuations for your property is to ask several estate agents for a free estimate of the price at which they think they could sell it. And quick home buyers like LDN Properties can also provide no-obligation quotes for the price at which they might be able to buy your home.

✅ Why is it important to get a valuation before trying to sell my home?

Because the valuation is one of the core elements that you must know before you try to sell, as it is vital to determining the asking price at which you might be able to sell your property. If you find that a valuation comes in at a lower amount than you would prefer, there are a number of steps outlined in the guide above for steps you can take to increase your home’s value.

✅ What are the top strengths and weaknesses of using an online valuation?

The top strength of using an online valuation for your property is perhaps the fact that they are very rapid, and you could receive a general estimated value within just a few minutes. And as detailed above, the major drawback of using an online valuation is that it might be very inaccurate in the event that the valuation tool is based on significantly outdated information.

✅ Can I do my own research to try calculating the value of my property?

If you do not want to talk with estate agents or fast buyers regarding the valuation of your home, you can try to do your own research beyond using an online price estimator. Visit property sales websites such as rightmove and Zoopla and search for houses or flats that are similar to yours in shape and size and check the current and past prices at which they have sold.

✅ How can I be sure that the valuation for my home is up to date?

You could ask estate agents or fast buyers who will have a good idea of how much houses or flats are selling for in your neighbourhood. And you should also check the UK House Price Index operated by the UK government which provides statistics updated monthly on how much properties are selling for in your area as well as other parts of the country.

✅ Is the value of my home limited to factors about my property alone?

No, there are many different elements that will affect the value and potential sale price of your home besides the shape, size, type and condition of your property. Factors that can be outside of your control include current crime levels in your neighbourhood, local council tax levels, amenities in the area such as supermarkets and good public transport options, and more.

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