When was my house built?

When you are looking to sell your house or flat, your potential buyer might want to know details on exactly when the property was built. Thankfully, it is a fairly straightforward process for finding out your home’s age, with several options that won’t cost much time or money.

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Common questions about when a house was built

We talk with many homeowners daily about buying their properties, and sometimes they have questions for us that include these common queries about when a house was built:

✅ Do I need to know the age of my home before I sell it?

No, you can try listing your house for sale, for auction, or contacting a property buying company without knowing the age of your property. But be aware that some buyers will need to know this information, particularly for building insurance because the insurance application forms often ask for the precise age of a property.

✅ Will it cost a lot of money to find out my property's age?

It doesn’t have to cost anything, because sometimes finding this information out can be as easy as making a call or sending an email. For example, if you currently have a mortgage on your house or flat then the survey that was done as part of the lending process might have the exact age of your home listed for you to see.

✅ How much time will I have to spend searching for the age of my home?

Not much time at all, because most of the options for finding out the value of your property can be done very quickly – whether it’s calling your mortgage lender, searching the HM Land Registry website, or any other step.

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