Selling Flat Without LPE1

Trying to sell your flat without a Leasehold Property Enquiries form, or LPE1, can present some extra challenges but there are still ways that you can sell fast and at a fair price.

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Your top questions when selling a flat without an LPE1 form

✅ When I'm selling my flat, what is a Leasehold Property Enquiries form?

Also referred to as just an LPE1, a Leasehold Property Enquiries form is effectively a lengthy questionnaire divided into several sections seeking a wide range of information about your flat. Some of the topics covered by this form include the fees you pay through service charges and ground rent, whether there are any disputes at the property and various other issues.

✅ Why does the lack of an LPE1 form make it harder to sell a flat?

Some buyers might be put off from making an offer on your property if it doesn’t have an LPE1 form, because this can add significant uncertainty to the future costs of owning the flat in addition to whatever mortgage repayments, ground rent costs, utility bills and other costs they would have to pay if they buy your flat.

✅ How can a flat owner go about getting an LPE1 for their property?

If you are the owner of a leasehold flat, the usual process for obtaining an LPE1 will be to approach your freeholder – this is the person, management company or someone else that owns the building in which your flat is situated. They will either fill out the form, or have a legal professional do it, and then they’ll pass the LPE1 on to you when it is completed.

✅ Do some buyers prefer to sell their leasehold flats without an LPE1?

There are some flat owners that do not want to go through the process of getting an LPE1 before they attempt to find a buyer for their property, and there are a few reasons why. One explanation is that obtaining the form may take too long and cost too much. Another justification is when a buyer wants to avoid disclosing certain details that are required on the form.

✅ Is it legal to try selling a leasehold flat without first getting an LPE1?

There are no regulatory or statutory requirements that say a leasehold flat owner must obtain an LPE1 before attempting to sell the property, so if you’re thinking of trying to find a buyer without getting this form then you are allowed to do so. Just beware that not having an LPE1 might create some additional barriers to being able to attract offers from some buyers.

✅ Can the lack of an LPE1 cause any complications with selling my flat?

Yes, you might find that certain buyers could see the lack of an LPE1 for your property as a major concern. They may worry that you’re trying to withhold details about a negative aspect of the flat, or simply that they lack all they information they need to make an offer. The lack of an LPE1 could also make it harder for a buyer to get a mortgage to purchase your flat.

✅ What is the speediest choice for selling a flat that doesn't have an LPE1?

By far the fastest option to sell your leasehold flat or any other type of home is usually getting in touch with a quick buyer like LDN Properties, as the timeline should only be a few weeks in total. If you instead opt for selling your flat through an estate agent, an auctioneer or without any assistance then it might take many months or longer before you’re able to get a buyer.

✅ Which methods for selling my flat without an LPE1 will charge commission?

If you decide to sell your flat through an auctioneer or an estate agent then you can expect to pay them commission if they’re able to successful get a buyer for your property, and this fee will be deducted immediately from the eventual sale proceeds. But you can avoid paying any commission by selling your home on your own or to a no-fee quick buyer like LDN Properties.

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