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There’s no shortage of quick house sale companies in the UK, if you search for “sell my house fast” you’ll see the search results are full of advertisers competing for the top position.

Whilst it’s good to have so much choice, unfortunately the “property buyer” market is not regulated – except for standard consumer protection law. The Property Ombudsman has set up a scheme for property buyers and there is a scheme called the National Association of Property Buyers but standards are not as high as they could be – there are still many operators making false claims about the prices they are able to offer and the speed in which they can compete. Some operators don’t even buy the property, but lock sellers into an option agreement and try to find a buyer which is often slow and there’s certainly no guarantee of selling.

Here at LDN Properties we’ve built a reputation by helping hundreds of satisfied customers. You can read our reviews online: 

If you’re looking for reviews for sell house fast companies we’re sure you’ll agree that our customer reviews speak for themselves.

Selling house fast online reviews

How important are reviews

When you’re thinking about selling your house or flat to a quick home buyer, it’s important that you search online to see what reviews people have posted about their experience in using the company. Although not always 100 percent reliable, the vast majority of online reviews are honest and provide valuable insight into a homeowners’ experience with a fast property buyer.

As such, reviews can do one of two things; they can either show that a quick buying company is a reputable business and that people are very satisfied with their experience when selling their home, or they can highlight bad experiences that people have had for whatever reason that can help to guide you away from selling to them and suffering a similar outcome.

Never make a decision on whether to use a particular quick home buyer based solely on the reviews that are posted about them online. However, you should use them as part of a broader effort at collecting as much information as possible about a specific business before you make a final decision.

Comparing reviews for other home buyers

Sadly, not all quick home buyers are reputable and only through your own research can you be sure a quick home buyer is right for you.

You can perform this work of comparing online reviews yourself by searching for specific fast home buying company names and seeing what results are posted online. You might find reviews posted on a home buyer’s website or you might see them on a third-party site that is likely more trustworthy because it’s harder for a company to influence those reviews. Either way it can be very helpful to take some time to compare and contrast the user-submitted reviews of any quick property buying company that you’re thinking of using.

Choosing your home buyer based on reviews

It’s not recommended that you necessarily choose your quick property buyer based solely off the reviews that you read online. Although they can be very instructive in helping you to learn about the potential pros or cons of a particular business, they shouldn’t be the only factor you rely on when making a decision. That’s because there can be a number of limitations with online reviews, including the potential that some might be fake reviews written by the company.

But as an opening step toward helping you decide between quick home buyers, browsing online reviews can be a good first place to start. Reviews can help you to discover companies that have great reputations and those that have less than stellar feedback from customers.

Take a look at what reviewers say in their statements about companies and how that reflects all aspects of the sale process. Does a company have many complaints about being quite slow to complete the purchase of a home despite being a fast buyer? Are most of the reviews positive and appear genuine? Has anyone posted a review highlighting unpleasant surprises during the sale process? Considering these and other questions whilst browsing reviews online is a quick and simple way for you to learn more about a buyer’s potential strengths and weaknesses.

Leaving homebuyer review

Apart from reviews, what else should I check when considering a home buyer?

MoneyHelper, which is sponsored by the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions, is a useful website that has tips on various financial decisions. Their website includes a section on quick home buyers that offers some useful advice on what to consider when selling your home.

For example, it advises that you should get a number of estate agents to give you free no-obligation valuations on your property that you can then compare against whatever valuation a fast home buyer gives you in order to determine whether their offer is fair.

It also suggests shopping around and contacting more than one quick home buying company, which will allow you to compare offers and find the one that’s best for you.

Another important fact to check is whether a quick home buyer is a registered member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO). This third-party entity writes policies that are designed to protect homeowners against scams in the quick buying industry, and all TPO members are required to follow them. You should be wary of selling your house or flat to any company that cannot prove it is a member of TPO. Thankfully it’s very easy to check whether a business belongs to TPO, simply visit the organisation’s website and click on “Find a member” on the main page. If they are registered then their details will show up. If they are not registered then their details will not be available any you should usually be wary about selling your property to them.

You might also want to consider asking a legal adviser for their input on a valuation for your home from a quick buyer. They could offer independent advice on whether or not the offer appears to be fair, as well as highlighting any potential negative issues you might have missed.

Also be sure to ask the quick buyer to provide full details of the information that they used in developing their valuation and offer for your house or flat. A reputable fast buying company should be willing to disclose precisely how they came up with the offer on your home, and these details can also help you to identify any potential further negative issues with the sale.

Questions to ask fast home buyers

If you would like to sell your property to a fast buyer, there are other steps you can take to research a business before deciding on whether to sell your home to them. In addition to browsing online reviews, there are also a number of questions that you can ask a company that should help you to learn more about their potential trustworthiness and how they operate.

We have outlined several suggested questions for quick home buyers below, along with our answers. If a company is hesitant to fully answer any questions that you ask, you should consider this a warning sign because it shows that may not fully disclose everything to you. That is a major concern when selling your home as you deserve to know all aspects of the process.

Will you require me to sign a lock out agreement when buying my home?

Lock out agreements give a particular person or company exclusive rights to buy your home for an extended period of time. But quick home buyers by their very definition should be able to complete the purchase of your property within a few weeks. There is no reason why a quick buyer should need you to sign such an agreement, so should be very wary of any such company requiring this.

Do you offer sale and rent back agreements to homeowners?

At first glance a sale and rent back agreement might seem like a good idea, because it allows homeowners to rent their property from a quick buyer after they have sold it to them. However, there is often no legal restriction that would prevent the fast buyer from trying to evict the homeowner soon after the sale of the property is complete. If you are aiming to stay in your home long-term after selling it, there is no guarantee you will be able to do so.

How much commission will you make me pay for selling my home to you?

Legitimate quick property buying companies such as LDN Properties will never charge you any commission when you sell your home, because we have always believed that homeowners should get to keep all of the profit from the sale of their houses or flats. If you are talking to a quick home buyer that says they will charge you commission for buying your home then you should be wary about selling to them.

How do I know whether I can trust a fast property buying company?

Many reputable fast home buyers belong to an organisation known as The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which issues regulations that are designed to protect homeowners against scams in the fast-buying sector. LDN Properties is a member of TPO and as such must follow those rules, offering you extra protection. Be cautious about selling your home to a company that cannot prove it is a TPO member because it might be a fraudulent business.

How will you conduct the valuation for my property?

This is another important question because it will give you valuable insight into how the quick buyer will conduct a valuation of your house or flat before making an offer to buy it. An honest fast property buying company should be willing to tell you exactly how they came up with a valuation for your home, and the friendly team of experts at LDN Properties is happy to share with you every piece of information that we use in making a valuation on your home.

What is your general timeline for completing the sale?

Fast property buyers by their very definition should be able to complete the purchase of your home on a very speedy schedule. Our general goal is to finalise the sale within a handful of weeks, and that includes every step of the process such as exchanging contracts and paying you the proceeds. We believe that this is a much faster method for selling than using an estate agent or property auctioneer who might possible take longer to sell your home.

What makes a good fast house sale company?

There are many different factors that make for a quick home buying company, and not all businesses will be able to achieve all of those elements. But we can offer general advice on some of the most important elements to consider when looking for a good fast home buyer.

Speed of buying your home

This is perhaps the most vital element to consider when looking for the ideal quick home buying company to use, because the very goal of the business is to help you sell your home fast. The team of experts at LDN Properties aims to complete the purchase of each home we buy within a few short weeks, which includes exchanging contracts and paying the homeowner their proceeds. Ask a home buyer for their typical timeline in buying homes, because this will help you to discover whether they are actually able to buy your house or flat quickly.

One important note is to be very cautious about any quick property buyer that tries to make you sign a “lock out” agreement. These are legally enforceable agreements that give a specific company or person sole authority to make an offer to buy your home, and they generally last for many months. Because they block out anyone else from buying your property, they can be problematic if the buyer decides to take a long time before making an offer. And there is no justification for a quick home buyer to need such an agreement, because the goal of their business should be to help you complete the sale of your home as fast as possible.

Buying your home for zero fees

Another important element of a good quick property buying company is that they will promise to never charge you any commission when purchasing your flat or house. LDN Properties do not charge homeowners any fees, because it’s our belief that people should get to retain all of their profit associated with selling their homes.

If a fast property buyer tells you that they will charge you commission when buying your property, be very wary about doing business with them because it could potentially be a scam. At the very least you should get a clear statement of the exact fees they will charge, but you can find several reputable fast home buyers that will never charge you any fees.

Friendly customer service

It might seem like an obvious element, but providing friendly and efficient customer is another crucial component of a good home buyer. We are very proud of our experts who have helped many happy customers sell their flats or houses in London quickly, and we are happy to connect you with homeowners who have used our services to learn more about their experiences.

Where can I find reviews for sell house fast companies?

You have a number of options when trying to find reviews of companies that offer to buy your home fast, starting by searching online using the name of a specific business. This should give you search results of websites that feature reviews written by customers of the company.

Many quick home buyers will have a reviews section on their website where they offer testimonials from customers who have sold their properties to them. Although these reviews can often be genuine, you should be somewhat cautious when reading them on a company’s website because the business likely has total control over which reviews can be posted.

It’s possible that you might also be able to find reviews about a fast home buyer on third-party consumer advocacy websites or similar independent websites such as These reviews will likely be more trustworthy than the reviews you would find on a quick home buying company’s website, as the business will not have final control over which reviews to feature.

How to spot fake reviews

If you’re searching for details online about a particular quick home buyer and find some reviews of their business, you will want to know whether you can trust those statements or not. Unfortunately some companies have been known to pay for people to write fake reviews that say what a great business it is, any you obviously cannot trust such statements.

But how do you know what is a true review versus a fake review? Thankfully an article on the website Which – created by the independent consumer advocacy organisation Consumer Reports – offers some tips for how to distinguish a potentially fake review from a legitimate review, which should help guide you as you try to decide which quick property buyer to use when selling your home.

One of the top tips for spotting fake reviews is simply looking at the language that the writer uses, and seeing whether it reads like something a typical person would write or whether it reads more like something that a marketing agency would write for a company. Excessive praise about a company or business jargon used in reviews are typically signs of a fake statement.

Another easy way to spot whether a company is using fake reviews is to browse through a number of reviews posted online to check for any similarities. If you notice that certain reviews seem to say the same thing but in slightly different ways, it’s a good sign that someone has mass-produced a number of fake reviews to try to make a company look better.

Similarly, if a company’s website features a number of reviews that have been posted in rapid succession, then it is another possible sign that those reviews could be fake. That’s because people generally don’t go online to quickly post one after another, and if the time stamps on reviews show many posted at the same time, then it’s highly unlikely they are real and you should think carefully before using them to sell your house or flat.

Why choose LDN Properties?

We think that there are a number of reasons for why you should consider choosing LDN Properties when you are ready to sell your house or flat. Launched in 2003, we offer homeowners throughout London an incredibly straightforward and hassle-free way to receive speedy and competitive offers for selling their leasehold or freehold properties.

Our friendly team of experts can consider buying a huge range of different types, sizes and shapes of houses or flats. Some of the many varieties of property that we have experience with buying are dilapidated homes, houses situated in flood zones, flats that have very short leases remaining, houses of multiple occupancy, properties where the homeowner cannot locate important documents such as the title deeds, homes that have structural problems such as subsidence or dry rot, houses with the presence of the invasive species Japanese knotweed, and more.

And our experts are able to complete the purchase of most homes very quickly, typically within a handful of weeks after you first contact us for a no-obligation quote. We consider this to be a much more rapid timeline than you will likely get selling your home via an auction, or using an estate agent who might take many months or possible even longer to find you a buyer.

Further, we also promise that you will never pay any commission to LDN Properties when selling your home. We don’t think it’s fair to charge homeowners any fees when buying their houses or flats, compared to auctioneers and estate agents who will make you pay potentially large commission that you’ll have to subtract from the sale profit you can expect to make.

Also, when you sell your home to us, we promise to give you a valuation that’s fair and based on a comprehensive review of factors that we’re happy to share with you. Some of the different pieces of information that we consider when making a valuation and subsequent offer to buy a property include checking for any relevant documents kept by the local planning authority, browsing home sales websites such as rightmove or Zoopla to compare the current and past sale prices of houses or flats similar to yours, looking at the current pros and cons of living in your neighbourhood, asking for input from property valuation experts, and more. And we will be happy to provide in detail our reasoning behind the price that we offer to buy your home.

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