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LDN Properties can offer you a fast sale

Regardless of condition or location we buy any residential property, having been established since 2003. We’ve provided some illustrations of the type of property purchase we are able to facilitate.

We buy any house fast in the UK

Ex-local authority – Approximately 1.5 million homes have been sold under the right-to-buy and right-to-acquire scheme in the UK (as of 2015). There are extremely varied opinions on the scheme which have seen many private individuals realise massive profits from their discounted property investments. There are some property investors who do not purchase ex council houses and flats because they view re-sale as being difficult, however in London this is generally not the case, in fact some areas of predominantly ExLA housing has become very fashionable. There are some high-rise properties that are not suitable for mortgage and the values reflect this, such properties however can make extremely good buy-to-let investments. If you are considering selling your ex-local authority property we are usually able to provide an initial offer on the same day as your enquiry. We buy any ex-local authority property in London, regardless of tenants, condition or type of construction.

LDN Properties - We buy any house
Short lease – London contains an enormous amount of leasehold properties, mainly consisting of flats and apartments, whether purpose built or converted. Selling a property with a short lease can be complicated and time consuming when selling to a member of the public – especially when a mortgage is involved. Although we still have to carry out the checks that most other buyers would, we are usually able to proceed much quicker than the majority of buyers because we purchase with our own cash funds. We buy any short lease property in London and can usually complete much quicker than a buyer who is reliant on mortgage funding.
Poor condition – Many of the properties we purchase are in a poor state of repair, in most cases this is because the property has either been vacant for a long period of time or has been rented and treated purely as a profit stream (with minimal no maintenance cost) by the landlord. We buy property in any condition and welcome enquiries from landlords looking to sell their rental property portfolios.
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Tenanted – The most common type of tenancy is the AST (Assured Short-hold Tenancy). This usually takes the form of a 6 or 12 month contract period that automatically rolls month-by-month after the period. It can sometimes be difficult for landlords to know whether to sell their property tenanted (which often means selling a lower price) and keep the security of an income stream to cover mortgage repayments, or to evict the tenants in order to sell the property with vacant possession and run the chance of achieving a higher sale price. Some landlords also feel uncomfortable about putting the property on the market with the tenants in place because it can mean the tenants feel their home is soon to be sold and they will have to move out. We buy tenanted properties and depending on the terms of the tenancy agreement we will keep the tenants in place after completion of sale.

Neighbour disputes – It’s not very often we come across a dispute between neighbours, thankfully! But when there are disagreements and both neighbours cannot resolve the problem between themselves the 2 most common options are to instruct solicitors or to sell! We have come across situations where homeowners have become tired of the dispute, having spent more than they would have liked on legal fees, the only option is to sell. In one extreme case of a neighbour dispute that got out of hand the neighbour disrupted any attempt by the seller to market the property with an estate agent and would even disrupt viewings. It is important to let us know of any dispute that exists, but even so, we buy any disputed property in London! For details of our commitment to London property sellers please read our buying code or call us to discuss your requirements.

We buy any house checklist

The end of we buy any house scams

As a reputable home buyer since 2003, we aim to provide our customers with a trustworthy and reliable quick house sale no matter what the situation. Having seen other companies making the “We Buy Any House” promise it can be hard to decide which fast home buyer to choose. Please remember we are proud members of The Property Ombudsman and oblige by their rules and regulations. We would encourage you to call us and discuss how we can buy your house.

Since we buy all kinds of property throughout the UK, we are happy to consider buying you house no matter what the condition – dilapidated, damp problems and subsidence are not a problem for us.

How to avoid “we buy any house” scams

Although many property buyers are well-respected and legitimate, there are unfortunately some bad actors who will use attractive “we buy any house” offers as elaborate scams.

They can be convincing, because they know how to get the attention of sellers no matter their situation or the size or condition of house or flat that the homeowner is trying to sell. Do you have a house that’s in disrepair? They will offer to buy it no questions asked. Do you need to sell in a hurry and can’t wait the many months an estate agent sale might take? A scam company will tell you they can buy at whatever timeline you want, even if it seems impossible.

Genuine property buying companies will be upfront and honest with you about potential limitations with your home and your selling situation, whereas scam companies will offer more than they can actually deliver on. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to help you determine a company’s legitimacy before you sell to them.

Research property buying companies

Sometimes detecting a scam company is as simple as entering their name in an internet search. If the company is problematic then there should be reviews available online describing this, or in some instances you might even find news articles about sellers’ bad experiences with scam companies – so in just a few minutes you could determine a company’s validity.

Be wary of “lock out” contracts

An early red flag when talking to a property buying company is if they express an interest in quickly buying your home but ask you to sign a “lock out” contract. This is a binding agreement that would mean the company has sole rights for buying or marketing your house for sale, and if you break the contract you could be forced to pay very expensive fees.

The reason why a lock out contract is suspicious with companies offering to make a quick purchase of your house or flat is that it’s at odds with their promise to secure you a fast sale. There’s no reason why the company should need a legally binding and lengthy pact given them exclusivity over the sale if they’re telling you they can buy it within a few days.

Check with property selling associations

Another way to see whether property buying companies are above-board is to check with professional property selling associations, such as the National Association of Property Buyers. They will have records of their members, and most companies that are official members of these organisations follow industry guidelines for making genuine offers to buy.

You can also check with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which is an independent entity that aims to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. The TPO has issued a host of official standards for property buying companies. If the buyer that you are talking to is a member of the TPO then you can be assured they are following the correct standards for home purchases.

Avoid companies offering “sale and rent back” deals

Scam companies know how to appeal to a homeowner’s most pressing needs, so that’s why they’ll promise a quick sale to those who are desperate to sell in a hurry. And they also act in unscrupulous ways for people who are at risk of having their homes repossessed and whose primary concern is financial. For these homeowners, scam companies may offer a “sale and rent back” deal that is a prominent sign of a buyer you shouldn’t trust.

Sale and rent back agreements sound simple, because the property buying company will offer to buy your house or flat and then let you stay in it and pay them rent. That can be a tempting deal to accept if you have fallen behind in paying your mortgage and might lose your home, because it solves the urgent financial need while also allowing you to stay in your property.

But the problem with these agreements is that it means you’ve lost your homeowner rights over the house or flat, and your ability to stay there depends entirely on the buying company and your agreement with them. They’ll now be your landlord and by law could try to get you to move out soon after.

Not all sale and rent back offers are scams, and there are some reputable companies that offer these agreements on terms that are fair to the homeowner. Check with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulatory body and whether the buying company is registered with them. If so, the sale and rent back offer will follow regulatory standards and can be trusted. If the company is not registered with the FCA, be extremely cautious about selling to them.

Be alert for “down valuations”

One of the biggest risks of selling to a scam company is that you might be promised what seems like a great price for your house or flat, only to have your offer price reduced close to exchange of contracts. This is known as a “down valuation” and occurs because the company is trying to lure you into selling to them by promising a price that might be more than you were expecting, then reducing the offer at a later stage.

It can be very tempting as a homeowner to accept the first generous offer for selling your home from one of these companies rather than researching further, or even pursuing an alternative route for selling such as through an estate agent. But be patient and wary, and be sure to ask the company many questions to help determine their authenticity.

If you ask a simple question such as “Will the final sale price be less than what you’re offering?” and you get an indirect and unclear answer, this is a warning sign.

Companies that use down valuations may also charge sellers administrative fees and other costs, so when you’re talking with them about a potential sale you should ask straightforward queries such as “Will you charge me any fees for buying my home?” Once again, if they don’t answer directly or fully, you should not sell to them.

Buying your home – Answering your questions

Making sure our customers have answers to all of their questions before deciding the best way to sell their property is paramount.

LDN Properties – We Buy Any House

Having provided our home buying service since 2003 both throughout London and across the country, we have been asked many questions – how do you buy my home fast? Can I sell my property with structural problems? Answers to such questions are essential to help you decide on your next step and to provide satisfaction that you are dealing with a reputable firm . Please take a read through our Knowledge Base for further details and answers to questions you may have.

Questions and Answers when selling your property

✅ Do you charge fees at any stage when buying my home?

Selling your home is understandably a stressful time and indeed this is when you are looking for certainty and commitment from your chosen house buyer. LDN Properties can buy any home without charging you fees at all. The stages we go through when buying your house are predominantly the typical conveyancing steps for which you will only be paying your own legal fees (as is usual practice). Our offers made to buy your property are completely transparent, with no hidden charges.

✅ Will you buy my property no matter where it is?

Drawing on broad property buying expertise that comes with operating for in excess of 15 years, often we can buy your home no matter where in the country it is located. From buying flats in central London to large houses in Wales, we are happy to provide you with a professional and national home buying service. Please get in touch with us today and we can make you an indicative offer for your home.

✅ Can I rely on LDN Properties to buy my house?

As a long standing property business operating as a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), we are committed to protecting the best interests of our customers and aim to provide an exceptional service to buy your house. Since making our first purchases in 2003, we have always made it our primary goal to put our customers at the forefront.

✅ Will you require a survey before buying my property?

A survey is not always required before buying your property. This typically depends on the condition, valuation range, area where the house is situated and timescales required when we buy your house. We shall let you know exactly the steps required when we make your indicative offer. As professional property buyers we can be flexible as to the needs of our customers and can often take a varied approach as to how we buy your house.

4.91 Rating288 Reviews
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