Can I Sell my House if it has Damp Issues?

You could face extra hurdles with selling your home if it has a damp problem, but nevertheless it won’t be impossible to attract a fast and fair offer.

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Selling your house with damp problems: quick questions

The team at LDN Properties is very knowledgeable about buying homes with damp, and these are some of the most common questions that property owners ask us:

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What does it mean to have a damp problem at your home?

Damp is a structural problem that can affect many different types of freehold or leasehold properties, and it’s often caused by leaks or bad ventilation. There are three distinct types of damp and they can all lead to damage at a house or flat that ranges from stains and odours through to more serious issues that could lead to greater structural issues.

What are the different types of damp that can affect a property?

The first type of damp is condensation, where droplets of water form on your windows or walls and can leave marks or even mould. The second type is penetrating damp, and this happens when water seeps through the home’s walls. And the third type is rising damp, where transfers upwards from the ground, and this type of damp mostly affects homes built before 1875.

Am I legally allowed to sell a property that has damp?

Yes, there are no legal restrictions on attempting to find a buyer for your leasehold or freehold house or flat just because it has damp. However, you will be required by law to disclose the presence of damp during the conveyancing process, and you should be aware that some prospective buyers will view damp as enough to make them lose interest in your home.

Why might a buyer not want a house or flat that has damp?

If you’ve got damp at your property that you’re trying to sell, you might find that some buyers have concerns that the issue could lead to future structural damage at the home once they take over the ownership. Another drawback for buyers could be if you’re selling the property without fixing the damp, and they worry it will cost them a lot of money to fix the problem.

Should I remediate damp at my property before attempting to sell it?

This will depend on whether you are willing to spend money, time and effort on fixing the damp problem at your property. Doing so before selling will prevent a scenario where the buyer lowers their offer price by the amount of money they expect they’ll have to spend on fixing the issue. But fixing damp before selling is not required and there are still ways to get a fair and fast offer.

What amount of commission will I pay when selling my home with damp?

If you decide to sell your property to a genuine no-fee quick home buyer, or you sell without the help of an auctioneer or estate agent, then you will not have to pay any commission. But if you opt for using the services of either an estate agent or auctioneer, then they will charge you commission that will be deducted immediately from the eventual property sale proceeds.

What is the fastest approach for selling a property that has damp?

When you’re trying to sell a home as is with damp then your swiftest option is likely contacting a quick home buyer such as LDN Properties, because they can buy almost any type of house or flat within just a few short weeks, even those considered to be problem properties. Using an estate agent or auctioneer, or selling on your own, can all take at least many months.

Remember, LDN Properties offers homeowners a straightforward process for making purchase offers on your house, regardless of the scope of your damp problem.

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