Selling a House with a Sewage Treatment Plant

Properties that have a sewage treatment plant present some unique issues when trying to sell, but following some simple tips can help improve your odds of a fast and fair offer.

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Your top questions when selling house with a sewage treatment plant

✅ When is a property designated as having a sewage treatment plant?

Sewage treatment plants can be found often at rural or remote properties and they are used to collect and treat liquid waste from households before treating it and then discharging it into nearby waterbodies like streams or rivers. They are used in these locations because it might be too complicated or expensive to connect such homes to public drainage networks.

✅ How exactly does the sewage treatment plant at my property work?

When you flush a toilet or send anything down a drain at your home, it’s sent to the treatment plant where it goes through a process involving steps known as sedimentation, clarification, and aeration. This helps to sort the waste into solid waste that can be collected by professionals and liquid waste that is treated to make it safe for discharging into a nearby waterbody.

✅ What does a seller need to tell buyers about a sewage treatment plant at their home?

The UK government updated its requirements in 2015 for what owners of properties that have sewage treatment plants must disclose to potential buyers. Most important is disclosing the existence of the system to anyone that may be interested in making an offer on your home, but you should also provide details on whether or not the plant currently has any problems.

✅ Why might a buyer want a property that has a sewage treatment plant?

If a buyer is looking a home in a remote area and will have to accept owning one that is not connected to a public drainage network, they could look more favourably on a home with a sewage treatment plant compared to a septic tank. That’s because sewage treatment plants are sometimes seen as cheaper to operate and requiring less maintenance than septic tanks.

✅ Why may someone be wary about a home with a sewage treatment plant?

Some buyers could decide against making an offer to buy your property because they are concerned about the time and effort they will have to exert in keeping the system in decent overall condition, and arranging for pickup of the solid waste. And if your plant has any problems currently, buyers might lose interest due to the costs involved with fixing those issues.

✅ How much commission will I pay to sell a house with a sewage treatment plant?

Those sellers that choose to use the services of an estate agent will have to pay commission if they get a buyer, and this is between 1.15 percent and 1.40 percent of the property’s sale price, and this increases to 2.5 percent with an auctioneer. But you will not pay any commission if you sell without any assistance or sell to a zero-fee quick home buyer such as LDN Properties.

✅ What is the fastest option for selling a property that has a sewage treatment plant?

The speediest choice will usually be contacting a quick home buyer like LDN Properties because it should only be a handful of weeks before you are able to exchange contracts and receive the sale proceeds. If you opt for selling your property at an auction, with an estate agent or on your own then the timeline will likely be at least several months if not more.

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