Selling a Ground Floor Flat

Property buyers might view a ground floor flat as having both notable advantages and disadvantages, and it can be useful to learn about these when trying to sell this type of home.

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Your questions and answers about selling a ground floor flat

✅ What is the difference between a ground floor flat and other types of flats?

As their name implies, ground floor flats are those located at ground level of a building that may contain several other flats on the same level or higher floors. There are many different types of features that a ground floor may or may not have, for example some might have access to a private garden or garden shared with other flats, among various other aspects.

✅ What concerns might a buyer have about owning my ground floor flat?

When you’re trying to sell your ground floor flat you could hear prospective buyers express a number of concerns about this type of property. Some of their worries might include fears about safety, because it can be easier for criminals to break into this unit compared to one on a higher floor. Another problem is that these flats can be more susceptible to damp problems.

✅ Are there reasons why a potential buyer could prefer a ground floor flat?

There are several aspects of a ground floor flat that can make it more appealing to a potential buyer compared to other flats, and these include that the unit might have access to a private garden or one that is shared with other flats in the building. A ground floor flat is also instantly accessible without any concerns about having to take stairs of a lift to get to it.

✅ If there's a problem with my ground floor flat, should I fix it before selling?

The answer to this will depend on your specific circumstances, including the size of the problem, the cost and time involved to fix it, and whether you have any interest in resolving the issue before selling. There is no requirement to repair such problems and you can still get a fair and fast offer for your flat as is by contacting a zero-commission quick home buying company.

✅ How long will it take to find a buyer when selling my ground floor flat?

It varies based on which option you use for finding a buyer, with the speediest usually being selling to a quick home buying company such as LDN Properties because the process should only take a few short weeks. By contrast, selling your flat through an auctioneer, an estate agent or without any assistance can all take several months and sometimes even longer.

✅ Will I be required to pay commission when seeking a buyer for a ground floor flat?

Not if you choose to sell your flat to a genuine zero-commission quick home buyer like LDN Properties or if you opt for selling without any help from a third party like an estate agent or an auctioneer. But if you choose either an auctioneer or estate agent to sell your flat, you will have to pay them commission if they sell your home and this will be taken out of the final proceeds.

✅ How can I be sure that it's safe to sell my ground floor flat to a quick buyer?

You should ask individual quick buyers if they belong to an independent organisation called The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which writes rules to guard owners against fraud in the quick home buying industry, and all TPO members like LDN Properties must follow them. Never sell your flat to a company that cannot prove it is a TPO member, as it may be a scam business.

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