Selling a home without an estate agent

With the increased use of online portals, home sellers are considering the possibility of selling their property without an estate agent.

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Your questions answered when selling property without an estate agent

✅ Are estate agents required when trying to sell my house or flat?

No. Estate agents are just one of several options available to you when trying to sell your property. You could try selling the home yourself, although this can require a lot of time and effort. Or you might use a property auction, but your final sale price will be uncertain. Or you use a quick buyer to get a speedy and competitive offer on your home that won’t charge any fees.

✅ How much work is involved with trying to sell my property on my own?

You’ll have to put a lot of effort into being the sole person responsible for selling your house or flat. Not only will have to write a professional listing detailing the home’s specifications, but you’ll also have to take great photographs of the property to enhance the listing, pay to advertise the listing, host viewings for potential buyers, and handle every other aspect of the sale process.

✅ Do you need to have any qualifications to sell a home without an estate agent?

No. Any homeowner can attempt to sell their house or flat, and they don’t need to pass any educational courses or gain any official qualifications to do so. However, the various steps of selling a property can be quite complicated and overwhelming for some homeowners, which can make selling on their own result in more hard work than they are able to complete.

✅ What is the quickest alternative to an estate agent when selling my home?

Selling the home yourself might take a long time as you will have to learn the entire process. Using a property auction can include some delays including a wait between entering your home for sale and the date of the auction. LDN Properties, by contrast, aims to complete the purchase of each home in a handful of weeks.

✅ What is the lowest-cost alternative to using an estate agent to sell my property?

Often, the two cheapest methods for selling your home without relying on an estate agent are selling it yourself or selling to a fast house buyer. When you sell the property yourself you don’t have any third party to which you’ll have to pay any fees. And when you sell to a quick buyer such as LDN Properties, the reputable companies will never make you pay any commission.

✅ Will I still need a solicitor if I try to sell my property on my own?

Yes, unless you are a qualified legal professional who has experience with home sales then you will need to hire a solicitor to handle the large amount of paperwork that is involved with selling a home, in the event you choose to try selling it on your own. A simple alternative is using a fast buyer that can make the entire sale process simple, streamlined and hassle-free.

✅ What are the cons for a homeowner of trying to sell their own property?

There are several potential drawbacks for a homeowner if they attempt to sell their own house or flat. Perhaps most significant is the sheer amount of work involved with advertising the property for sale and hosting viewings for potential buyers. Trying to sell on your own will often require a lot of time, and possibly money, which is not available to every homeowner.

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