Selling a Hoarder’s House

Faced with a property filled with excessive clutter, you may be considering selling a hoarder’s house.

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Your top questions when selling a hoarder’s property

✅ How do I know whether someone meets the definition of a hoarder?

The World Health Organisation in June 2018 issued an official statement that hoarding generally refers to a mental condition when someone accumulates an excessive amount of one or several items and cannot throw them away, so they let them clutter up their home. There can be many causes of hoarding, and the severity of hoarding can range from mild to severe cases.

✅ How does hoarding make it harder to sell a house or flat?

If someone is suffering from a strong case of hoarding and has allowed clutter to take over any or all of the rooms in their property, it will create a bad image for any potential buyers that come to visit the home and they may decide immediately against wanting to purchase it. Appearances are important when selling a home and hoarding projects a negative image.

✅ Am I required to clear out a hoarder's home before selling it?

No. The answer depends on your wants and needs with selling. If you are prepared to wait a long time and invest money in clearing the house before finding a buyer then that is a perfectly valid option. But if you don’t have the time or funds to declutter a home ahead of selling it, consider contacting a fast buyer who will be able to buy the property in its current state.

✅ Will I have to pay commission when selling a hoarder's house or flat?

It depends on the method that you use for selling the home, because fast buyers like LDN Properties will never charge any fees when purchasing your property. However, estate agents and auctioneers will require that you pay commission for selling your home, and these fees will have to be subtracted from whatever final sale price you are able to get for the property.

✅ What is the speediest way to find a buyer for a hoarder's property?

Using a fast property buyer is typically the quickest method because the entire process of selling the home can be completed in just a handful of weeks, and that includes exchanging contracts. Selling via auction can take a least a couple of months, and selling via an estate agent can sometimes take many months or potentially even longer than a full year.

✅ Does hoarding actually cause any problems for a property?

Yes. Accumulating so much unnecessary junk can potentially cause structural integrity problems if the items are heavy and placed on top of weak flooring. They can also present significant hazards in case of emergencies that require quick access to or exit from a house, if the clutter is hard to move and is obstructing points of entry such as windows or doors.

✅ Am I guaranteed to sell a hoarder's home when using an auction?

No, there are zero guarantees that the property will sell at an auction. You might not receive any bids for the home during the auction, in which case it will be deemed unsold and you’ll have to start over with the process of trying to find a buyer. Although some owners are willing to take a chance with this approach, others find an auction to be far too unpredictable when selling a home.

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