Selling a Storm Damaged House

Bad weather events are now happening more frequently with sellers sometimes facing the prospect of selling a storm damaged house.

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Your questions answered when selling a storm damaged property

✅ What is considered to be storm damage as it applies to a property?

Storm damage is actual physical harm caused to a house or flat as the result of a storm, which is classified generally as a bad weather event that usually involves high winds that are accompanied by excessive hail, rain or snow. But some property insurance companies have more-specific definitions of storms that might not cover all such weather events.

✅ Will my home insurance cover costs for any damage resulting from a storm?

Not necessarily, and that’s because of the varying definitions that insurance companies use for defining storms. For example, if high winds during a storm have damaged your roof, your insurance might not cover the repair work if the winds were below whatever speed the company says qualifies as a storm. Be sure to check your insurance policy closely for this definition.

✅ Am I required to repair the damage from a storm before selling my house?

No. There are no legal requirements that say you must repair any storm damage to your property before trying to find a buyer for it. However, you should be aware that if you do not fix the damage before selling, you will likely attract lower offers than if you repaired it first. But some homeowners might not be able to afford the time and money for such repair work.

✅ What is the speediest way to sell my storm damaged property?

Usually, selling to a fast home buyer like LDN Properties is the quickest method because these companies can complete the purchase of your home in just a handful of weeks. By contrast, you can expect to wait at least two months on average when selling your home via an auction, and you might be waiting many months or possibly even more than a year with an estate agent.

✅ Will I be required to pay fees regardless of the method I use to sell my home?

No, not every method for selling involves fees – for example, fast cash buyers like LDN Properties never charge homeowners any commission when purchasing their homes. By contrast, you will have to pay auctioneers and estate agents fees for their work in selling your home, which naturally will reduce the total profit that you can expect to make from the sale.

✅ What should I do if my insurance company refuses to pay for storm damage repairs?

If your insurance company disagrees with you on whether damage to your home was caused by a storm and should be covered by your policy, you could contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. This independent entity aims to resolve disputes between insurers and their clients, and they will objectively look at the facts to determine which side has the best case.

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