Selling a home with a low EPC rating

A poor EPC rating can complicate the sale of your house or flat, but there are some options to still to sell your property quickly.

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Your top questions when selling a property with a poor EPC rating

✅ What information is contained in an Energy Performance Certificate?

These certificates provide extensive details on the energy efficiency of your house or flat, based on a scale where the lowest grade of G is for properties that are the least efficient and the highest grade of A is for the most efficient homes. An EPC will also specify the average energy costs of property, along with suggestions for how to improve its efficiency ranking.

✅ Is it a legal requirement to have an EPC when selling my house or flat?

Yes, you are legally required to have a valid EPC when you are trying to sell your leasehold or freehold house or flat. These certificates last for 10 years after their issuance, and if yours has expired then you must obtain a new EPC. Having a valid EPC is mandatory regardless of whether you’re selling via an estate agent, an auctioneer, or to a speedy property buyer.

✅ If my property's EPC has expired, how much will it cost to get a new one?

Because it’s required by law to have a valid EPC before selling your flat or house, you’ll have to budget for buying a new certificate in case your current one has expired. As a starting price you might pay anywhere from £35 to £45 for obtaining a new EPC, although the exact cost might be higher depending on the type of property and which authorised energy assessor you use.

✅ How can I obtain a new EPC for my home if the existing certificate has expired?

The UK government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, previously known as the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, provides details on its website of Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) that are authorised to assess homes and issue EPCs. Contact specific DEAs to arrange an energy efficiency review of your property.

✅ If my property has a low EPC rating am I required to improve its efficiency before selling?

No. When you receive your EPC, if it has a low rating then the certificate will likely include advice on how you could potentially increase the efficiency of your property and reduce your energy costs. However, there is no legal duty to implement these recommendations before trying to sell, and in many cases it might not make financial sense to do so before selling.

✅ What is considered the swiftest way to sell my home with a low EPC rating?

Your best choice is typically to sell to a fast buyer like LDN Properties, because these companies are able to buy almost any type of home regardless of a potential problem like a low EPC rating. The average timeline for selling this way is generally just a few short weeks, and that covers every step through to exchanging contracts and you receiving the sale proceeds.

✅ Are there any methods for selling my home that won't require me to pay fees?

Yes, legitimate quick property buyers such as LDN Properties will never charge owners any commission for selling their homes, so they’ll get to keep the entire sale proceeds. However, estate agents and auctioneers will always charge fees for successfully selling a property, and these charges will lower your net profit because they’ll be taken out of the sale proceeds.

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