Selling Without an EWS1 Form

With the recent changes to building fire safety standards, home sellers are having to consider the possibility of selling their property without an EWS1 form.

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Your questions answered when selling property without an EWS1

✅ I am struggling to sell my flat without an EWS1 form, what can I do?

If you are liable to obtain an EWS1 form yet struggling to sell your home, consider contacting LDN Properties who can offer you fast cash for your flat at a fair price.

✅ Why is an EWS1 needed?

The government has mandated that owners of buildings make sure they have an EWS1 so that they can demonstrate whether the cladding or other external material at their properties is at risk of combusting in a fire. This requirement was put in place to address concerns about the speed of such material catching fire, as it did with the Grenfell Tower disaster in London in June 2017.

✅ Who carries out the EWS1 assessment?

Although the building owner is responsible for obtaining an EWS1, the assessment itself must be done by a professional with knowledge of the combustible potential of external wall material. If the assessment leads to the conclusion that your home is an Option B property at risk of fire, you will need a chartered engineer or other expert to conduct a more thorough review.

✅ How long does an EWS1 last?

A fully complete EWS1 form will last for a total of five years from the data that the relevant expert signs off on it. However, this sounds much easier than the actual work involved with obtaining an EWS1 form because there are not many professionals in the UK who can do the necessary assessments, and therefore people are waiting many months or years for the work.

✅ Does every flat need a separate EWS1 form?

Not necessarily. When the EWS1 form policy was first introduced it captured many properties and flats, creating huge problems for homeowners looking to sell. But the government announced in November 2020 that flats which are located within buildings that do not have any cladding do not have to obtain an EWS1 form before the owners of the flats can attempt to sell them.

✅ If the building owner hasn't obtained an EWS1 form, what can I do?

Unfortunately, your options are somewhat limited if you are a leaseholder, because only the building owner can commission the work for an EWS1 form. There are no statutory provisions that allow you to pursue them using legal means to force them to start this work. If you are in this situation, call LDN Properties to talk about how we might still be able to quickly buy your flat.

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