Selling a house with survey problems

With ongoing changes to property legislation and buyer requirements, home sellers may need to consider selling their property with survey problems.

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Your questions answered when selling property with a problem survey

✅ Why are property surveys considered to be an important part of the home sale process?

Because they are useful, credible and objective documents by qualified professionals that can help to alert the potential buyer of a property to any major structural flaws or other problems that need to be addressed. The results of a survey can therefore often be the deciding element in whether someone will follow through with their offer to purchase a house or flat.

✅ How much does a typical property survey cost?

There are at least six different types of property surveys, which range in the amount of detail that they provide, whether they include valuations of how much the independent surveyor believes a house or flat to be worth, and other factors.

✅ What are the most common problems identified in bad property surveys?

The level of detail in a home survey will vary contingent on which type of survey either the property seller or buyer orders. But some of the most common negative issues that a survey might identify are structural because those relate to the core physical integrity of the house or flat, and these factors might include dry rot, subsidence, and flat roofing, among others.

✅ Am I required to pay to fix problems identified in a bad home survey before selling?

No. You have zero obligation to fund any repairs for problems such as dry rot that might be identified by an independent survey during the home sale process. However, your buyer may require that you do so before finalising the sale, or they could request that you lower the sale price by the amount that they believe they will have to spend to fix the problem later.

✅ Once I've received a bad survey, will I have to pay someone to help me sell my home?

It depends on which option you choose for selling your home. If you try to find a buyer through an estate agent or auctioneer, you might have to find a more-specialist company that has experience with selling homes that have problems like yours, yet they’ll charge fees for selling. Consider using a fast buyer like LDN Properties because we’ll buy your home at no cost to you.

✅ Do buyers always withdraw their offers if the property survey results are bad?

Every home sale is unique, and there are no strict rules or precedents on buyers walking away from their offers to buy a house or flat after it receives a bad survey. The homeowner will have to talk with the buyer to see if they can negotiate a way to proceed as outlined above in this guide, so it’s not automatic that they will withdraw the offer but you must know it is certainly a possibility.

✅ If a bad survey makes my buyer withdraw their offer, is my home impossible to sell?

Not at all, because you have a few options remaining. You could pay to fix the problems flagged in a survey, or you might try to sell your home at an auction. But those methods will cost you money, and therefore you could contact a quick home buyer like LDN Properties that has a long history of making fair offers to buy homes with bad surveys.

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