Selling House With A Thatched Roof

A thatched roof can be a unique feature on a property that might make it more attractive to buyers, but there could still be complications in trying to sell this type of home.

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Your top questions when selling a house with a thatched roof

✅ What is a house with a thatched roof?

These are unique-looking homes that are typically detached and have a roof entirely made of wheat, straw or other naturally grown material that is bundled into a secure roof. The concept dates back as far as the 16th century but these properties remain popular today and can be found throughout the UK, although typically they are located mostly in rural areas.

✅ Why might buyers want my thatched roof home?

There are several favourable aspects of a thatched roof home that could help you to sell it quickly, including that the roof provides great insulation throughout the year, which could help to lower your monthly utility bills. Other reasons in favour of owning a thatched roof house include that the roof material is environmentally friendly, and the roof gives the home a unique look.

✅ Are there drawbacks of owning a home with a thatched roof?

Yes, and you should be aware of these before trying to find a buyer, so that you can prepare your response if anyone raises these concerns. Thatched roofs can be more susceptible to damage during high winds or heavy rains, and if they get damaged then they can be quite expensive to replace, which can be enough of a worry to drive some buyers away.

✅ If my house's thatched roof home is damaged should I fix it before selling?

It’s not necessary to pursue any repair work before selling, and you could just contact a quick buyer like LDN Properties who can make a fair and speedy offer to buy your house even with the damaged roof. But if you have the time, money and energy to fix the roof before selling, this can help to make your home appear more valuable than one with a roof needing repair.

✅ Will I need to pay Capital Gains Tax when selling my thatched roof house?

Potentially, but it will depend on how much profit you are able to make from the sale, because Capital Gains Tax applies to this amount, and not the sale price of the property. There could be situations where you are able to lower the amount of tax that you have to pay the UK government, or even pay no tax, so you should ask a financial expert about this.

✅ What is the fastest method for selling a home with a thatched roof?

Getting in touch with LDN Properties or another quick home buying company is your best choice because they are able to complete the purchase of your property within a few short weeks, and that includes exchanging contracts. You should expect to wait at least several months if you instead try to sell your home through an auctioneer, an estate agent or on your own.

✅ Will I need to pay commission when selling my property with a thatched roof?

No, if you sell your home to a quick buyer like LDN Properties or you sell without any third party assistance then you won’t have to pay any commission, which will help to reduce your overall selling expenses. But if you decide to sell your house through an auctioneer or an estate agent, they will charge fees that will be deducted from the eventual property sale proceeds.

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