Selling a Timber Frame House

Houses can be built using many different materials and you may be looking to sell a timber frame house.

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Your top questions when selling a timber frame house

✅ Are timber frame homes considered to be standard construction properties?

No, a standard construction property is one that was built using either bricks and mortar or stone and a slate or tile roof. Any other material used to construct a house, including timber, is considered to be a non-standard construction property. Sometimes it can be harder to get buyers interested in making an offer on this type of home but it’s not impossible.

✅ What are the potential benefits of owning a timber construction property?

Timber frame homes typically require much less energy to build than standard construction homes and the wood also works to trap carbon dioxide, so they have great environmental benefits. Another reason that some people like to own this type of property is that the timber gives the properties a unique appearance compared to homes built with standard materials.

✅ Are there any downsides to purchasing a timber construction home?

Yes, and these are important to understand if you’re trying to get buyers interested in your property. Many people will view a timber frame home as being far less structurally sound than one built using standard construction materials. These properties can also be more susceptible to extensive damp problems and be at greater risk of damage in the event of a fire.

✅ Will a buyer be able to get a mortgage to purchase my timber frame home?

It might be very difficult for an individual private buyer to be approved for a mortgage to purchase your property, because timber construction homes are seen by many lenders as a risky investment. Instead, you could consider contacting a fast buyer like LDN Properties because these companies can buy your home without any need to obtain a mortgage.

✅ What amount of Capital Gains Tax will I pay on the sale of my timber frame house?

If you make a loss on the sale of your property compared to the original price you paid for it, or you only break even by selling close to your purchase price, then you typically won’t have to pay any Capital Gains Tax. If this charge does apply, it will be assessed based on the amount of profit, which is also called gain, that you made on the sale compared to what you paid for the home. Make sure you discuss Capital Gains Tax with a tax professional before making any decisions.

✅ What is the fastest method available for selling a timber construction property?

The swiftest way to sell your home will likely be contacting a quick buying company like LDN Properties, because they have the ability to complete the entire process of purchasing your home within just a handful of weeks, and that includes exchanging contracts and paying the proceeds to you. All other methods will take at least several months or longer on average.

✅ Which options for selling my timber frame home will require that I pay commission?

If you decide to use an auction or estate agent for selling your property, they will require that you pay them commission for the work that they do in finding a buyer. This fee is taken out of the eventual sale proceeds, which will increase your overall selling costs. By contrast, selling on your own or selling to a quick property buyer are two options that have zero fees.

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