Selling a House Near a Mobile Mast

Across the UK, you may find yourself looking to sell a house or flat near a mobile mast.

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Your top questions when selling a property near a mobile mast

✅ What's the official designation for when a home is near a mobile mast?

There’s no single UK government rule that says an exact distance when for a property is considered to be located close to a mobile mast, and your home could have a mobile mast on the street or it might be visible at the end of your garden. One comparison is proximity to power lines, as guidelines say a property must be no closer to those than 50 meters.

✅ Why do some homebuyers dislike properties near mobile masts?

There can be several reasons why someone might not want to buy a home near a mobile mast, including simply not liking the aesthetics of the structure and having to see it whenever they look outside their windows. Another explanation for why some people would not be interested in buying your property is because they fear health risks from living close to a mobile mast.

✅ How long will it take to sell my house or flat located near to a mobile mast?

It depends on the route you take for selling your home, because you might be waiting many months or even longer when using an estate agent. With an auctioneer, the entire process will take at least a couple of months from beginning to end. But with a fast property buyer, they should be able to complete every step for purchasing your home in just a few weeks.

✅ Will I be required to pay fees when selling my property by a mobile mast?

Not necessarily, and only if you choose a method of selling that typically includes fees, such as a property auction or an estate agent. However, if you use a reputable fast home buyer like LDN Properties, they will not charge you any fees. That means you are guaranteed to receive the full proceeds from the sale, without having to subtract any commission or other seller charges.

✅ How can I address a buyer's concerns when selling my home near about a mobile mast?

There aren’t many viable options for resolving a potential buyers’ worries about purchasing a property close to a mobile mast. If their concerns are related to the health risks of living near such a structure, you could try to highlight research that downplays those risks. Or if the criticism is the look of the mast, perhaps you could plant some greenery to block out the view.

✅ Are there any benefits of selling a property that's located close to a mobile mast?

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of owning such a home and trying to sell it — such as buyers’ fears about health harms from mobile masts or simply not liking the look of them — can outweigh the advantages. But one potential benefit of having a property close to a mobile mast is that you are all but guaranteed to get mobile phone service that is very reliable.

✅ How do I know that I am able to trust a fast home buyer when selling my property?

Ask specific fast home buyers if they are registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which is an independent entity that publishes rules to protect homeowners against potential scams in the fast buying industry. All TPO members, like LDN Properties, must adhere to those regulations, which offers you extra peace of mind when it’s time to sell your house or flat.

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