How long does it take for a house sale to exchange?

Selling your house or flat can be a lengthy process that takes many weeks, but there are alternative options for securing a much quicker sale.

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Exchanging houses: a few of our most-asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from homeowners about the time that it takes for a house sale to exchange include:

✅ Is there any way to speed up the exchange process?

If you are selling through a chain then unfortunately there aren’t really any tricks you can use to speed up the exchange process. You’ll have to be patient and anticipate waiting anywhere from 8 to about 12 weeks for the exchange to happen.

✅ Is it possible that exchanges take more than 12 weeks?

Yes. Although the 8 to 12-week time-frame is a general guideline, some exchanges can take much longer if issues arise such as problems with the buyer securing a mortgage or a hold-up in the property buying and selling chain.

✅ Are exchanges just as long with auctions or selling to a quick buyer?

No. You can expect your home sale to go much faster if you list your house at auction, or sell to a quick property buying company. But note that auctioneers will charge you fees, whereas property buying companies typically will not.

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