A guide to property indemnity insurance

Some home sales can involve the buyer or seller getting indemnity insurance, which can be a useful way for them to protect against future third party legal claims over the property.

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Have questions about property indemnity insurance? Here are some popular answers

Indemnity insurance can be a confusing topic, so it’s natural to have questions about it. Here’s some of the most popular questions we get about it, and our answers:

✅ Is indemnity insurance a necessary purchase for every home sale?

No. Speak with your solicitor who is handling the paperwork for either your home sale or purchase, and they will be able to tell you whether you can proceed without property indemnity insurance or whether it will be a sensible purchase.

✅ What's the average price of property indemnity insurance?

If your solicitor or other legal professional handling the sale has recommended that you get property indemnity insurance, the cost will vary depending on the property but expect prices to start as low as £25 but they can be much higher.

✅ Can one homeowner pass on an existing indemnity insurance policy to another?

Yes. Indemnity insurance policies for houses and flats last forever, so it’s entirely possible for a homeowner to transfer the policy to whoever buys their home, and there shouldn’t be any costs associated with transferring it.

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