Selling property discreetly without the neighbours knowing

There can be many reasons why you might want to sell your leasehold or freehold house or flat discreetly without your neighbours knowing.

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Your top questions when selling a property discreetly without the neighbours knowing

✅ What's involved with trying to sell a flat or house without the neighbours knowing?

It’s typically a much more subtle approach to selling a home compared to using an estate agent or auctioneer, where they’ll advertise a listing that promotes your property in local newspapers, online and elsewhere in a bid to generate interest from buyers. Instead, discreet sales often involve you selling to a quick buyer who can complete the purchase with utmost privacy.

✅ What are some reasons why people want to sell their homes discreetly?

There can be many reasons behind wanting to try and find a buyer for your house or flat without altering the neighbours, including a desire to keep the sale secret from any people living nearby that you’re currently having a dispute with, wanting to delay your children learning about the sale, hoping to get more realistic and serious offers from buyers, and other reasons.

✅ What is considered the quickest option for selling a property discreetly?

Selling a home to a fast buyer like LDN Properties is typically the speediest method, because the entire process, including exchange of contracts and paying you the proceeds, should only take a handful of weeks. By contrast, selling on your own, selling via an estate agent or selling at a property auction can be all be relatively slow and take at least many months.

✅ How can I have major repair work done on my discreetly before selling it?

Depending on the scale of the problem, it might not be possible to have repair work done on your property before selling it without alerting your neighbours, who may guess that you’re doing the work to improve your prospects of selling the home. Instead, you could sell the home as is to a quick buyer without doing any repairs, and still receive a fast and competitive offer.

✅ Which methods of selling my home will require that I pay commission?

If you use an estate agent or property auction to sell your flat or house, you will have to pay them commission if they find a buyer for the property. Both estate agents and auctioneers usually charge commission as a percentage of the home’s sale price.

✅ How can I tell whether to trust a quick buyer when selling my property?

Ask them whether they are registered with a third party entity known as The Property Ombudsman (TPO), because this organisation publishes policies that are designed to guard homeowners against falling victim to fraud in the quick buying industry, and all TPO members are required to follow those policies, which should give you peace of mind when selling.

✅ Is there any way to verify if a quick buyer is truly a member of TPO?

Yes, you can visit TPO’s website and then click on the Find a Member tab on the left side of the main page, and then type in the name of an individual quick property buyer. If the company is genuinely registered with TPO then you will be able to see their membership details. Be careful if selling to a company that claims to be a TPO member but can’t prove it, as this may be a scam.

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