Selling Without Gas Safety Certificate

It may be difficult to sell a house or flat without a gas certificate, but this guide offers tips on how to secure a quick sale.

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Your top questions when selling without a gas safety certificate

✅ What is a gas safety certificate for a leasehold or freehold home?

This is documentation issued by a recognised engineer that determines the safety of any gas-powered appliances that might be in your property. The certificate will include some basic information such as your name and the address of your home, and more technical details such as the result of their assessment, and any notes of concern or suggested improvements.

✅ How do I know whether an engineer is qualified to issue a gas safety certificate?

You should check with the Gas Safe Register, which is the only official organisation that has a list of the individual and companies that are authorised to issue gas safety certificates. If you’re looking to obtain a gas safety certificate then you must use someone listed on the Gas Safe Register, because certificates issued by anyone else will not be deemed adequate.

✅ Can I legally try to sell my property without a gas safety certificate?

Yes, so long as you are not the landlord of the property that you are trying to sell, there is no legal requirement that you first obtain a gas safety certificate before attempting to find a buyer for the property. However, it’s important to understand that you might find it more difficult to attract interest in your home because people will be wary of the missing certificate.

✅ Are landlords required to have a gas safety certificate for their rental properties?

Yes, if you are the landlord of a rental house or flat then you are mandated by law to have a gas safety certificate that covers all of the gas-powered devices in the property. You can face major fines and even jail time if you do not have a gas safety certificate. Buyers who would become the property’s new landlord will typically demand to see the certificate before making an offer.

✅ Will I be required to pay Capital Gains Tax on the sale of my property?

Not necessarily, and much will depend on your unique situation and the sale price that you’re able to achieve for your home without a gas safety certificate. Capital Gains Tax usually only applies to whatever profit you might make from the sale, and even then there are exceptions and waivers. You usually won’t pay this tax if you make a loss on the sale, or if you only break even.

✅ What fees do I have to pay when selling my home with a gas safety certificate?

You might not have to pay any commission based on how you sell. Trying to find a buyer on your own or selling to a quick property buyer are two zero-fee approaches to selling. Estate agents and auctioneers charge commission based on your home’s final sale price.

✅ What is the best way to achieve a speedy sale of my house or flat?

When trying to sell a home that doesn’t have a gas safety certificate, your best choice for a rapid sale may be contacting a quick home buyer like LDN Properties. These companies can buy houses or flats of any type, including those without gas safety certificates, and can complete the entire process within weeks, all the way through to exchanging contracts.

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