How do I find how long remains on my lease?

It can be quite simple to find out how long you have remaining on the lease for your house or flat, although you might have to pay a small fee in certain circumstances.

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Our top trio of questions and answers about finding out the length of a lease

We regularly buy leasehold properties of many different types, and offer you our top answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from homeowners about their leases:

✅ Will it cost me money to find out how long I've got left on my lease?

Not necessarily. You could try to ask your estate agent to see if they can look up the details of your home and simply tell you for free how long the lease has left on it. But you will have to pay a fee, starting at £3, if you decide to contact the HM Land Registry to obtain your title register so that you can find out the duration of your lease.

✅ Why is it important to know how long is left on my lease agreement?

If you are thinking about selling your leasehold property, the remaining duration of your lease is a crucial piece of information that potential buyers will want to know. The longer that the lease has left to run, the more attractive your home will be to a buyer, because properties with short leases – less than 70 to 80 years – are considered less valuable.

✅ Can I still sell my home if I find out the remaining lease is very short?

Yes. As mentioned above, your house or flat might be less attractive to buyers if there aren’t many years left on your lease agreement. If this is the case, you might want to consider extending the lease before attempting to sell. This is a relatively simple process, but be aware that it will cost you a potentially large sum to extend the lease.

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