Selling a property with cladding

Cladding is material used in construction to provide homes with insulation or protect against the weather, but it can be difficult to sell with cladding unless required tests are performed.

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Your questions answered when selling property with cladding

✅ Will I be prevented from selling my flat if it has cladding?

No. Just because your property has cladding does not mean that you will never be able to sell it. However, you will have to take additional steps to verify whether the cladding is a fire risk or not because without that information it might be very difficult to find a buyer for the flat.

✅ What are the costs involved with selling my flat with cladding?

This will depend on how you decide to try and find a buyer for your flat. If you want to use an estate agent or a property auctioneer then you will have to pay them commission, but if you sell your home to a fast buyer than you typically won’t have to pay them any fees.

✅ Why is it mandatory to have an EWS1 form for a flat with cladding?

Because it is a requirement that the UK government introduced in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017. Highly flammable cladding is seen as one of the causes of the widespread fire, prompting the government to issue new building fire safety regulations.

✅ If my home requires an EWS1 assessment, who will conduct it?

You or your building’s owner will have to enlist the work of a qualified professional to perform an EWS1 assessment of a property. And if the review concludes that your home is a fire risk you will have to get another expert such as a chartered engineer to do a more detailed review.

✅ How long is a completed EWS1 certificate valid for?

If you are able to obtain a full EWS1 form then it will be valid for five years from whenever the relevant expert signs off on it. But remember that the process of obtaining an EWS1 form can take a very long time as there are many homeowners trying to get them.

✅ What happens if my building owner won't apply for an EWS1?

Unfortunately, there are no statutory provisions that give you a legal right to force a freeholder to get an EWS1 form for your flat. You could consider teaming up with other residents in the building to try exerting pressure on the owner to seek the required form.

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