Selling Property Without TA6 Form

The TA6 property information form is often an essential part of the process of selling a home, but you can still get a fast and fair offer selling without this form.

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Your top questions when selling property without TA6 form

✅ What is a TA6 form and how does it apply to the sale of my property?

A TA6 form is also referred to as a Property Information Form, and the template for it was created by The Law Society. It’s a questionnaire about a property for sale that asks a large range of questions about various aspects of the home across 14 sections, and the person filling out the form must ensure that they answer truthfully and do not try to lie or hide information.

✅ What are some of the issues owners are asked about for their home's TA6 form?

Within the 14 sections of the current TA6 form template there are questions about many aspects of the home – legal, physical and more. For example, some of the facts that might have to be provided on the form include details about any fights that you currently are engaged in with your neighbours, information on any planning permission or alterations at your home, and more.

✅ Is the owner responsible for completing a TA6 form for a property or someone else?

Yes, the burden is on the homeowner to answer the questions on a TA6 form, and it’s not something that they can pass off to an auctioneer, estate agent or other third party. That’s because you as the owner will have the most direct knowledge and supporting documents to best answer the many questions that are presented throughout the form’s 14 sections.

✅ Am I required by law to fully answer a TA6 form when selling my flat or house?

There is no UK law that mandates homeowners must fill out a TA6 form whenever they want to sell their flat, house or other type of property. Indeed, it’s perfectly legal to attempt selling your home without a TA6 form, although you should be prepared to potentially find it more complicated to attract buyers because of the lack of this form and its details.

✅ Why might some owners want to sell their properties without a TA6 form?

If you own a home that is considered a problem property because of some element like a physical flaw or other issue, you may not want to fill out a TA6 form because it could draw buyers’ attention to the drawback and make them lose interest. Other homeowners may simply view filling out a TA6 form as more effort than they want to exert.

✅ How quickly might I be able to sell my house or flat without a TA6 form?

It depends on the method you use to find a buyer, because it can take many months or even more than an entire year when selling through an auctioneer, estate agent or on your own. However, if you choose to sell your home to a quick buyer such as LDN Properties then the whole process, including exchanging contracts, should only take a few short weeks.

✅ How much will I need to pay in commission to sell a home lacking a TA6 form?

If you decide to sell your property to an honest no-fee quick buyer like LDN Properties then you won’t have to pay any fees, and the same applies if you sell the house or flat without any help from a third party. But if you opt for selling your home through an estate agent or an auctioneer, they’ll charge commission that will be taken out of the eventual property sale proceeds.

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