Selling Property Near a Pub

It is possible to get a quick and fair offer for your home if it’s located close to a pub, but there could be some potential complications with selling this type of property.

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Your top questions when selling property near a pub

✅ How do I know whether my home is considered to located near a pub?

There isn’t a single legal or regulatory definition used by the UK government or anyone else to determine when your home is considered next to or near a pub, so common sense is the best guide. If you own a flat that’s located above a pub, or a house that neighbours the business or is only a short walk away from the pub, then that will be considered a close by to it.

✅ Why might some buyers not want to own a flat or house that is close by a pub?

You’ll find that certain potential buyers will lose interest in your property once they discover its proximity to a pub. They might be worried about the potential for alcohol-induced violent crime occurring at the business, or fear that the pub will be noisy and ruin their quality of life. Pub customers might also park outside the home, which can frustrate car-owning buyers.

✅ Are there any reasons why a buyer could prefer to own a property next to a pub?

Yes, there are other buyers that will place a priority of owning a house or flat that is situated near to a pub, due to several reasons. One explanation is that the person looking to make an offer on your property could see living near a pub as a great way to get involved in the local community, whilst other prospective buyers may like having somewhere to drink nearby.

✅ How can I make my home near to a pub more appealing to potential buyers?

You can pursue some simple and cheap, or zero-cost, actions at your home that might make it appear more valuable to buyers, including cleaning and removing clutter from rooms and sprucing up the outside – such as fixing missing roof tiles or mowing the lawn if you have one.

✅ What are my options for selling a property situated near to a pub?

The four standard methods for selling any type of freehold or leasehold home, including those near a pub, are doing so through an estate agent, trying your luck with a property auction, selling to a quick home buyer such as LDN Properties or selling on your own, which means trying to find a buyer without any help from a third party like an auctioneer or an estate agent.

✅ What's the quickest method to find a buyer for a home close by a pub?

Contacting LDN Properties or another quick home buyer will generally be the fastest approach for selling almost any category of house or flat, because the entire timeline should only be a few short weeks. If you instead choose to sell your property with an estate agent, at an auction or without any assistance then you could be looking at several months before finding a buyer.

✅ Will I pay fees when selling my flat or house that's located next to a pub?

Not necessarily because it will depend on the method that you use for trying to find a buyer. Should you decide to sell your home via an auctioneer or estate agent then you will need to pay them commission, and this will be deducted from the eventual sale proceeds. But you won’t have to pay any fees when selling on your own or selling to a zero-commission quick buyer.

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