Selling a Maisonette

With many types of flats found in UK, you may be looking to sell your maisonette.

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Your top questions when selling a maisonette

✅ How do I know whether my property is a maisonette?

The usual definition of a maisonette in the UK is a two-storey flat that also has a separate, private entrance used solely by the owner of that unit. They are commonly located on top of commercial premises, and are more likely to be leasehold homes, meaning you own it for a specified number of years, rather than a freehold property that you would own outright.

✅ Do maisonettes have advantages that might attract buyers?

Yes, there are a number of features with a maisonette that could increase interest from buyers when you’re getting ready to sell. The private entrance can be a huge attraction for those people who put a great emphasis on privacy when looking for a home. And the fact maisonettes have two floors means they have more space than a flat, but often still at a competitive price.

✅ Are there any disadvantages for buyers of owning a maisonette?

There are some possible drawbacks of maisonettes that might discourage individual buyers, such as the fact that you might have to share parking space or other facilities with other people working or living in the same building. One way to overcome this is selling to a quick property buyer, because these features will not discourage them from wanting to buy your home.

✅ How much Capital Gains Tax will I owe after selling my maisonette?

You should always consult with a tax professional for advice on what you might own the UK government when selling a home. But generally, Capital Gains Tax will usually apply to whatever profit you make from the sale compared to the price you originally paid for the maisonette. Note that there are certain exemptions from this tax, as well as ways to reduce the total amount owed. Be sure to speak with a professional tax advisor before making decisions.

✅ Is there anything I can do to help sell my maisonette?

Yes, there are several steps to take that could make buyers think your home is more valuable when looking to sell. Easy, cost-free and fast steps include tidying up the exterior and removing clutter from the interior. More expensive changes could be renovating the kitchen or bathroom, but you should not pursue any work that will result in selling the property at a loss.

✅ What's the rate of commission that I'll have to pay when selling my maisonette?

You might not have to pay any commission if you sell your home to a fast property buying company like LDN Properties, because the reputable speedy buyers never charge owners any fees when purchasing their flats or houses. You also don’t have to pay fees when selling on your own, but this can require a lot of time, money and effort and be stressful.

✅ What's the typical timeline involved with trying to sell a maisonette?

The selling schedule varies based on the method that you use for finding a buyer, with estate agents or trying to sell on your own considered the slowest because they can take more than an entire year. A property auction will take at least several months, whereas selling to a quick buyer can be the swiftest choice because the entire process takes just a few short weeks.

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