Selling House on Private Road

There are several benefits associated with owning a home on a private road but also some potential drawbacks that can make the process of selling this property somewhat harder.

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Your top questions when selling a house on a private road

✅ What is the difference between a home on a private versus public road?

If your house or flat is located on a public road, this means that anyone can drive on that road, and it’s the responsibility of the local authority to keep the road in decent condition. By contrast, if you own a home on a private road, also known as an unadopted road, then the owners of homes connected to that road are the only ones that can use it on a regular basis.

✅ What are some reasons why buyers might want a property on a private road?

There are a few factors that can make homes located on unadopted roads more attractive to prospective buyers, including the fact that they should be able to enjoy more privacy because the only vehicles that should be using the road regularly will belong to the homeowners. Another benefit of this type of property is that it should be quieter because there will be less traffic.

✅ Are there any disadvantages to owning a home on an unadopted road?

One of the most significant negative aspects of owning this type of property is that you, and any other people who own homes connected to the private road, could be responsible for maintaining the road in good condition, and this could become quite expensive. Another drawback is that you could be legally liable if someone is injured when using the road.

✅ How can I prove that I have the right of way to use my home's private road?

You could pursue a sworn statutory declaration that you have used the private road for at least 20 years without any challenges, but many homeowners will not meet this residency requirement. Alternatively, you could get an insurance policy that covers the costs of dealing with any legal challenges to your right of way, and transfer this to the eventual buyer.

✅ What is the fastest option for selling a property on an unadopted road?

The speediest way to sell a house or flat on a private road will usually be getting in touch with a quick buyer such as LDN Properties, because they are able to finalise the purchase a property within a few short weeks. Slower methods of selling are auctions, estate agents or selling on your own, because these will all take several months or longer to complete.

✅ Which methods of selling a home on a private road will charge commission?

If you sell your home through an auctioneer or estate agent then you can expect to pay commission based on the sale price. But if you sell without any assistance or sell to a legitimate quick buyer then you won’t pay any commission.

✅ Is there any way to verify that a quick home buying company is legitimate?

Yes, you can ask if they belong to an independent entity called The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which writes policies to guard homeowners from falling victim to scams in the quick buying industry – and all genuine TPO members, like LDN Properties must follow these regulations, which should give you extra peace of mind with the sale of your property.

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