Selling a House Near Railway Lines

With houses in many areas of the UK, you may need to sell a house near railway lines.

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Your top questions when selling a property near railway lines

✅ When is my home considered to be near a railway line?

There’s no simple UK government definition for when a house or flat is considered to be a railway line, but a good general idea is that if you can either see the railway line from your property or can feel the vibrations from trains using it, then the home is considered to be near a railway line for the purposes of describing its location to any prospective buyers.

✅ Is it impossible to sell my home if it's near a railway line?

Not at all, there are several advantages and disadvantages of owning such a property, and some buyers might actively be seeking a home near a railway line. But you have to prepared for the fact that other buyers will lose interest in your property once they find out that it is located close to a railway line, although you might be able to take some steps to resolve their concerns.

✅ Should I pay for soundproofing and other work before selling my property?

Some owners of homes near railway lines have invested in soundproofing their properties if the noise from trains is a concern, or paying for work to minimize vibrations from passing trains. This can make the property more appealing to buyers who are wary about the proximity to railway lines, but you shouldn’t do this work if you don’t have the time or money for it.

✅ Are there any ways to get more buyers interested in my home without investing in work?

Yes, but it will reduce your overall sale profit. If you’re finding that few buyers are interested in making an offer on your home because of its proximity to a railway line, you could consider reducing the sale price. This might generate interest from a greater number of buyers, but it has the disadvantage of reducing your net sale profit if someone makes an offer at that lower price.

✅ What is the speediest method for selling my home near a railway line?

Using a fast home buyer like LDN Properties can be a good option, because these companies are able to within weeks finalise the sale, and that includes paying you the full proceeds and exchanging contracts. When you use an auctioneer or an estate agent you might be waiting at least a few months, and with the latter choice perhaps even more than a full year.

✅ Am I going to have to pay commission when I sell my property by a railway line?

Not necessarily, it will depend on the method of selling that you choose. You will have to pay commission in the even that you rely on an estate agent or an auctioneer to sell your property. But if you use a fast home buyer, the reputable companies will never charge you any fees, which means you’ll maximise you profit by receiving the full proceeds from the sale price.

✅ How do I know that I can trust a fast home buyer when selling my house or flat?

Because the trustworthy companies belong to a third party entity called The Property Ombudsman (TPO). This organization issues rules which guard homeowners against scams in the quick buying sector, and all registered TPO members must adhere to those policies.

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