Selling a Guest House

If you own a guest house or bed and breakfast and would like to sell it, there are certain important facts to learn to boost your chances of selling speedily.

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Your top questions when selling a guest house

✅ What types of properties are considered to be guest houses in the UK?

For the purposes of selling a guest house, the term is typically applied to those properties where the owner lives but rents out bedrooms to paying guests for a short period, usually only a few days. This can include bed and breakfast accommodations, but providing food isn’t required. Guest houses are typically much smaller than hotels, which often have hundreds of rooms.

✅ How long should it take me to find a buyer for my guest house?

The answer will depend on how you choose to find a buyer, because using a quick buying company like LDN Properties should only take a few weeks to complete the entire process. Selling through an auction will take at least several months from beginning to end, whilst selling via an estate agent or on your own could take a full year before you obtain a serious offer.

✅ What can I do to make my guest house appear more valuable to buyers?

One simple step you can take is to improve the appearance of your property with some low-cost measures such as mowing your lawn if you have one, rearranging rooms to make them less cluttered, and repairing small problems like missing roof tiles. Another option is spending a large amount of time and money to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms, but it’s not required.

✅ What commission should I expect to pay when trying to sell my guest house?

If you decide to use an estate agent or auction to sell your property, you can expect to pay commission charged as a percentage of the final sale price. But fast buyers like LDN Properties never charge any commission.

✅ What taxes might I have to pay as part of the process of selling a guest house?

As the owner of a guest house, you’re likely already paying income tax on the profit that you make from the money guests pay to stay at your property. There’s also the chance that you’ll be liable for paying Capital Gains Tax on the sale, although it can be complicated because the property has a mixed residential and commercial use, so ask an accountant for their advice.

✅ How can be I assured of trusting a fast buyer when selling my guest house?

Legitimate quick home buying companies are registered with a third party organisation called The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which publishes rules that are crafted to protect homeowners from fraud in the speedy buying industry. It’s advised to be wary of selling your home to a company that cannot prove it belongs to TPO.

✅ How can I verify the membership status of a fast buyer when selling my guest house?

It’s relatively simple and free to check whether a fast home buyer is actually a member of TPO. Visit the organisation’s website and look for the Find a Member tab on the left side of the welcome page, and click on it, then type in the name of a specific company. If the fast buyer is truly registered with TPO, you should immediately be able to see their membership details.

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