Is equity release right for me?

Equity release can be a good way to get cash from your home’s value if you’re over 55 years old. But it’s a major financial decision with several important aspects to consider.

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If you’re thinking about equity release, check out these frequent questions

Our experts know all about equity release and frequently answer questions from homeowners about all steps in the process. Here are three questions that we get the most often:

✅ How do I know I can trust an equity release company?

You can check to see whether the company is a registered member of the Equity Release Council that sets the rules and regulations for such businesses. You can trust the companies registered with ERC but you should typically avoid a company not listed with the ERC.

✅ Will I be able to stay in my home under an equity release plan?

Yes. Equity release agreements allow you to stay in your property for the time that you are alive or until you enter into any kind of elder medical care facility like a residential home. But be sure to abide by all the terms of your contract as you do risk losing the right to live in your home if you violate any of these provisions.

✅ Are there other ways to get cash from my home's value quickly?

Yes. One option is to sell your property to a licensed buying company – they’ll pay you on an accelerated schedule in cash, with no fees, to buy your home. Or you could consider selling at auction on a specific date in the near future, but remember you’ll have to subtract the auctioneer’s fees from the final auction sale price.

Choosing a fast homebuyer instead of equity release

Selling your freehold or leasehold house or flat is quick and simple when you get in touch with the home buying professionals at LDN Properties. We have been buying homes across London since 2003, and many happy customers have enjoyed our straightforward and no-stress approach to making fair and speedy offers for buying their properties.

No matter what type of home you own, we can likely make an offer to buy it, so start the process by getting in contact with us. Here’s just a short list of some examples of properties that we have experience with buying: houses whose gardens are infested with the invasive species Japanese knotweed, flats that have very short leases left, properties located in high risk flood zones, homes near busy railway stations or underneath noisy airport flight paths, properties with solar panels, and homes suffering from dry rot, subsidence, or other structural problems.

When you call us, we’ll talk with you about your home and in less than an hour we should be able to provide an indication of price for buying the property. We don’t require you to make an immediate decision, and you’ll have at least a full week to consider our offer.

Should you want to accept the offer, we will then often arrange to have one of our friendly team members visit your property. This gives you the opportunity to ask them questions about selling, and for us to inspect the property before we can make our final offer.

And if you accept that final offer, we will then contact your solicitor in order to begin the work of completing the various legal documents required for buying the property. Within a few short weeks we should be able to finalise the sale, and that includes swiftly paying you the proceeds and exchanging contracts. It’s usually a much speedier schedule than you might get if you try to sell your house or flat through an estate agent or try your luck with a property auctioneer.

Also, you’ll get the additional benefit of not having to pay any fees when you sell your house or flat to LDN Properties. We believe in giving homeowners the total proceeds of whatever price we offer for buying their properties. But if you try an estate agent or a home auctioneer for selling your property, you’ll have to pay them commission for their work and you will need to subtract this amount from the overall sale profit that you can anticipate making.

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The LDN Properties team, who can be reached by clicking "Request Offer" or calling 020 7183 3022, can provide an alternative to equity release. We’ve got a simple and no-hassle process for making speedy offers to buy homes at generous prices without charging you fees. It can be a much simpler and swifter way to get the cash that you need today.

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