Selling a Woolaway House

Woolaway houses are a specific category of prefabricated homes built using concrete wall panels and a precast frame, and there can be some challenges with selling this type of property.

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Your top questions when selling a Woolaway property

✅ How do I know if my freehold or leasehold property is a Woolaway home?

Woolaway houses are a particular type of prefabricated property that are built using a precast frame and prefab concrete panels, with their name derived from the W Woolaway & Sons, the company that created the design. These properties were constructed between 1946 and 1956, and there are also Woolaway bungalows, a related type of home built starting in 1954.

✅ What are the reasons why a buyer could want a Woolaway property?

There are a few reasons why a buyer might be interested in your leasehold or freehold Woolaway home, in particular if it’s got a great location – this can mean many things to many buyers, but often includes factors like low crime rates or great nearby amenities. The simple layout of the Woolaway properties could also appeal to a certain group of buyers.

✅ Do buyers have any reason to be wary about purchasing a Woolaway house?

Construction on Woolaway properties fell off in the 1950s because of emerging concerns about a range of structural defects that could happen at the homes, primarily due to the prefab concrete used to build the houses. Some buyers could have major concerns about purchasing a home with structural damage, or even the potential for such damage to occur in the future.

✅ Could a home buyer get a mortgage in order to purchase my Woolaway property?

It’s possible, although some home loan providers will be cautious about approving mortgages for buying Woolaway houses due to their fears about the property’s structural integrity. Mortgage lenders may need to repossess and sell a home if the buyer defaults on the loan, and these companies could believe it’s too risky to count on reselling the home at a profit.

✅ If my Woolaway home has structural damage, should I repair it before selling?

It’s your choice and you should make it after reviewing whether you are willing to invest what could be months of your time and a significant amount of money in fixing the defects that have occurred at your Woolaway house. You are allowed to sell your home as is without first undertaking any repairs, and it’s still possible to a competitive and quick offer this way.

✅ What is the fastest option to find a buyer for my leasehold or freehold Woolaway house?

Contacting LDN Properties or any other legitimate quick home buying company is your best choice, because they should be able to within a few weeks complete the purchase of your property, and this includes the exchange of contracts. Selling via an estate agent, selling at a property auction or selling without any assistance can all take several months at least.

✅ Will I have to pay any fees when attempting to sell my Woolaway property?

Possibly – if you sell your home using a property auction or an estate agent then they will require that you pay them commission, and this will be deducted from the eventual sale proceeds before you receive any money. But if you sell your home on your own or you sell it to an honest no-fee quick home buyer like LDN Properties, you won’t pay any commission.

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