Can I sell my house without building regs?

If you own a house or flat that has been extended, renovated or built without obtaining building regulations approval, you might have a more complicated path to selling your property. However, it won’t be impossible to sell your home even without building regulations.

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Your questions answered when selling property without building regulations

✅ When do I need to have building regulations approval for my home?

It depends on the type of work that you’re having done, but generally building regulations apply to a wide range of different aspects of home construction including plumbing, electrical wiring, construction materials and more. Check with your local planning authority for the latest updated UK government requirements for whether you need building regulations approval.

✅ Will it be impossible to sell my home without building regulations approval?

No, and there are estate agents and auctioneers who have experience with selling such properties. But you might find that buyers are hesitant to make an offer on a home that does not have building regulation compliance certificates, and that’s why you could consider selling to a quick cash home buyer because they will have experience purchasing such homes.

✅ What's the fastest and most profitable way to sell my home without building regulations?

A possible way to get a fast and reliable sale of your home even if it doesn’t have the required building regulation certificates is to use a fast cash buyer like LDN Properties, because they can typically complete the entire sale process in just a few short weeks. And unlike estate agents or auctioneer they won’t charge fees that would reduce your total sale profit.

✅ Do I need to disclose a lack of building regulations certificates when selling my home?

Yes. If you know that your house or flat does not have the necessary compliance certificates for any type of building regulations then you must disclose this fact when selling your home. If you deliberately mislead a buyer and do not tell them about the situation, you put yourself at risk of the buyer pursuing a lawsuit against you if they discover the fact after buying your home.

✅ Can I apply for a certificate of compliance with building regulations for work already done?

If you know that your property should have certificates of building regulation compliance but does not have them, you could try to obtain a regularisation certificate that would be official approval that the work meets required standards. But this can be a very time-consuming process and might not be ideal if you are looking to sell your home quickly.

✅ What are indemnity insurance policies for homes without building regulations?

These are relatively affordable insurance policies that will protect both you and a future buyer of your property against the costs associated with any enforcement action that the local planning authority might pursue against your house or flat due to a lack of building regulations compliance certificates.

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