Selling a Unique or Unusual Property

A wide of range properties can be considered unusual or unique because of their location, architecture or other reasons, and it may sometimes be harder to find a buyer for them.

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Your top questions when selling a unique or unusual property

✅ How do I know if my property is considered to be unique or unusual?

Although there is no single legal or regulatory definition that determines when a home is deemed to be unusual or unique, this type of property is generally one that is considered to have one-off elements whether that’s the construction, location, former use and more. Some examples include converted former churches, prisons, warehouses and other properties.

✅ Are there any potential hurdles involved with selling an unusual/unique home?

You could find that the number of buyers possibly interested in making an offer of your property is lower than for typical homes. There are a few explanations for this situation, including that unique or unusual properties might be more expensive than other homes, or they could have some design feature that a large number of prospective buyers view as a dealbreaker.

✅ Why might some buyers be looking to purchase a unique or unusual property?

There are a number of explanations for why an unusual/unique home could be more appealing to buyers compared to a conventional property, including the fact that some people may consider the one-of-a-kind design of your house to be a positive status symbol. The same applies to those properties that are considered uniquely historic and therefore listed.

✅ Can I do anything to make my unusual/unique home more appealing to buyers?

Yes, and one step to take is considering whether you have the time, money and interest in fixing any large-scale physical problems with the property before attempting to sell it, as this would remove such issues as being a concern for potential buyers. Even without doing this kind of work, you could still clean the home’s interior and exterior to make it more attractive to buyers.

✅ Will I be required to pay commission when selling a unique or unusual property?

Not necessarily because you will only have to pay commission if you choose to sell your home through an auctioneer or an estate agent, and this will increase your costs because the fee will be subtracted from the sale proceeds immediately. But if you sell the property without any assistance or to a no-fee quick buyer then you won’t have to pay any commission.

✅ How long will it take to find a buyer for my unusual/unique home?

It could take many months or even more than an entire year before you are able to sell your unique property through an estate agent or without any assistance, and also a long time if you opt for selling through an auction. By contrast, it should only take a few weeks in total to sell your home to a quick buyer, and that covers receiving the proceeds and exchanging contracts.

✅ How can I know to trust a quick buyer when selling a unique or unusual property?

You can ask individual quick buyers if they belong to an independent entity called The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which publishes policies to shield owners against scams in the industry. LDN Properties and other genuine quick home buyers who are TPO members must adhere to these rules, which should give you sufficient peace of mind when selling your home to them.

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