Selling a Smoker’s Home

A smoker’s home will likely have stains and smells left behind from cigarettes and similar items, and you might find that it’s more difficult to sell this type of house or flat.

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Your top questions when selling a smoker’s property

✅ What type of properties are considered to be smoker's homes?

These are freehold or leasehold houses, flats or other types of properties where the owner is a regular smoker. Over an extended period of time, smoke from cigarettes, cigars and similar products can affect the odours in a property, and also leave stains on the furniture. Some people also have concerns about health threats from residue left behind by smoking.

✅ Why can a smoker's home be harder to sell than other properties?

Many potential buyers are likely to lose interest in a smoker’s property because of any or all of the problems that can result, such as staining of floors and walls, bad odour and even health problems linked to the smoking residue.

✅ Do I need to tell potential buyers that my property is a smoker's home?

There are many factors that you must disclose to a potential buyer as part of the selling process, for example whether your home has any significant structural problems. You do not have to disclose that you are a smoker on any property disclosure forms, but the smell and stains may make it obvious to people who see your home that it is a smoker’s house or flat.

✅ Should I attempt to fix any smoke damage before selling my property?

You could potentially spend money on treating any damage caused from smoking in your home, such as removing stains or ventilating the property to get rid of the odours. However, there are many homeowners who will not have the effort, time or funds available to do such work, and the good news is that there are still options to sell a smoker’s home as is without any repairs.

✅ What's the fastest option available for selling a smoker's house or flat?

Your speediest option will usually be getting in touch with a quick home buyer like LDN Properties, because these companies have extensive experience with buying smoker’s homes, and they can complete the entire process in just a few weeks. By contrast, selling on your own or through an auctioneer or estate agent can take at least several months or longer.

✅ Which methods of selling a smoker's home will require that I pay commission?

If you try to sell your smoker’s house or flat using an auctioneer or estate agent then you will have to pay them commission, and this will increase your selling expenses because the fee will be taken out of the final proceeds right away. But if you try to sell your home without any assistance or sell to an honest quick buying company then you won’t pay any commission.

✅ Is there any way to verify whether a quick home buying company is legitimate?

You should ask individual quick buyers if they are registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which publishes regulations that all members must follow and which are designed to prevent homeowners falling for scams in the quick buying industry. You can typically trust companies that are TPO members, like LDN Properties, whereas non-members perhaps less so.

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