Selling a Laing Easiform Property

Various kinds of non-standard property are built throughout the UK and you may be looking to sell a Laing Easiform house or flat.

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Your top questions when selling a Laing Easiform property

✅ What type of property meets the definition of being a Laing Easiform home?

Laing Easiform homes were built in a period lasting from roughly the end of World War I until the 1970s at the latest. These properties were constructed with non-standard concrete cavity walls, compared to the brick cavity walls that are most commonly used to build homes. Steel is used to reinforce the property’s structure, which helped to make this type of property quite durable.

✅ Can you tell a property is Laing Easiform simply by looking it?

There are certainly a number of common visible characteristics that many Laing Easiform homes share, and that can be good evidence that you own such a property. These include the presence of rectangular vents on the home’s exterior wall, measuring the thickness of the property’s cavity walls to see if they meet Laing Easiform specifications, and other features.

✅ If someone wants to buy my Laing Easiform home, can they get a mortgage for it?

Yes. Some non-standard construction properties are considered to have structural concerns that might make mortgage lenders refuse to provide a loan for purchasing the house or flat, but this does not apply to Laing Easiform homes, which are seen as more durable. However, you can avoid any mortgage issues by instead selling your property to a quick cash buyer.

✅ What are some of the potential drawbacks of owning a Laing Easiform home?

Unfortunately, there can be a few negative aspects of being the owner of a Laing Easiform property, including the possibility of large amounts of asbestos used in the construction of the home, potential corrosion and cracking in the metal supports that are used during the building of the property, and poor insulation that can lead to more expensive monthly heating bills.

✅ What's the speediest way to secure a buyer for my Laing Easiform home?

Contact a quick home buyer such as LDN Properties, because they can exchange contracts and pay the sale proceeds to homeowners within just a few short weeks. That’s a much more rapid schedule than you can expect when selling at an auction, which usually takes at least a few months, or through an estate agent, which might possibly take an entire year.

✅ Which methods of selling my Laing Easiform home will require me to pay commission?

Auctioneers charge homeowners commission for the work they do in selling your property. Estate agents also charge fees often based as a percentage of the home’s final sale price. But you can avoid having to pay commission altogether by selling to a fast buyer like LDN Properties that charges zero fees.

✅ What safeguards do I have to know I can trust a fast buyer when selling my home?

Ask individual quick property buyers whether they are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), a third-party entity that publishes regulations which are designed to protect owners from falling victim to fraud in the quick buying industry. Avoid selling your home to any fast buyer that cannot prove it is registered with TPO, because this might be an illegitimate business.

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