Selling a Non-Standard Construction House

From concrete construction to timber frame and steel frame, we are pleased to be able to consider buying all types of non-standard and standard construction property.

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Non-standard construction houses – Questions and Answers

We field many calls from homeowners looking to sell non-standard properties, and these are three questions we are frequently asked:

Will non-standard construction mean it takes longer to sell my house?

You should be prepared for the fact that non-standard features might turn off some buyers and therefore mean your house could be on the market for longer than a typical standard construction home. By working with LDN Properties we can make you a straightforward cash offer since we are an experienced team of home buying professionals trading since 2003.

What do I do if I want to sell but have undertaken non-standard work on my house?

Keep every possible document associated with the construction work, including receipts and guarantees for the materials used, as well as warranties and other signed assurances from whoever did the work if it wasn’t you. These legally binding and valuable documents can provide peace of mind not just to you for the merits of the construction, but also to potential buyers who might have questions.

What level of demand is there for non-standard homes on the property market?

The short answer is that the property market is always evolving, and so are buyers’ preferences for the types of homes that they are looking for. The longer answer is that generally speaking the demand for non-standard construction homes is not as high as that for standard construction properties. That’s because of the various insurance risks, higher mortgage rates, difficultly in obtaining mortgage financing and other considerations involved with buying a non-standard home.

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