Are there any fees for me to pay after I've accepted your offer?

No fees are charged by us at any stage of the sale process. All valuations we perform are free of charge to our customers as well as the various stages after an offer has been accepted.

Even if you decide that a quick house sale is not for you at any stage in the process, you will find there are no fees payable to us. You will only be responsible for your own legal fees incurred. In some circumstances we may agree to contribute to the cost of your legal fees too.

Will I always deal with the same person at LDN Properties during my sale?

From the point you accept our offer, your property purchase will be managed by the same professional representative here at LDN Properties throughout the entire purchase. You will have their contact details to speak with them day or night if you so wish with any questions or queries you have along the way. Being able to speak or chat with our team at all times of day has proven particularly useful for our hard-working customers and indeed those who are overseas in different time zones.

How are you able to buy so quickly?

We’re an experienced fast house sale company buying properties directly. Having operated since 2003 we are experts in buying property fast and work closely with specialist solicitors to make sure there are no unnecessary delays.

How long does the sale process take?

Once our indicative offer has been accepted, we can get to work immediately and put in place a timetable for purchasing your home. The actual timescale itself depends predominantly on the speed at which you can get legals going with your solicitor. We work with seasoned legal advisers for our property purchases and when it comes to moving quickly, they are certainly able to do this for us. Consequently, we often have the ability to exchange on property purchases in a matter of days, if required. Typically, the timescale to exchange can be 1-2 weeks as we appreciate time is needed for you to instruct your solicitor (amongst other items of preparatory work).

Can I have funds advanced before completion for a deposit?

Depending on the specific situation, we can sometimes release up to 10% of our purchase price upon exchange of contracts for the purpose of financing your future property purchase. This is something for us to discuss further as we will need to arrange this with our solicitors. We understand the challenges of selling / buying property all too well and aim to assist where possible to make sure you secure your future property swiftly and easily.

Will you take care of paying off my mortgage when I sell to you?

Your solicitor will take care of all mortgage redemption matters for you as part of the sale of your property to us. Upon completion, your solicitor will redeem any outstanding mortgage using the proceeds of sale for the property. Any balance remaining (after their costs, disbursements, apportionments and possible retentions etc.) will be transferred to you.

Will the sale of my house be confidential?

Completely confidential – there are no "for sale" boards put up when you accept our offer and your sale to us will always be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Some of our customers also thought that an indicative offer from ourselves would leave a "footprint", in the same way as a credit search can do. This is not true, we can provide you with an indicative offer without anyone else knowing and hence not jeopardising any other potential plans you may have. Do bear in mind that as is the case for every single property transaction in the country, Land Registry will register the sale of your property ultimately and this can be found online.

What happens if something changes after I've accepted your offer?

That is fine and completely understandable, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss further. Unless we hear otherwise, we are always hard at work for you trying to make your property sale progress fast and smoothly.

What happens to my property after selling it to you?

We will typically resell the property after some potential refurbishment works.

Do you need me to pay for an EPC?

If you choose to sell to us directly, we are happy to arrange and cover the cost of an EPC for you, please let us know if you wish to use this service.

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