Do you just buy houses in London?

Not at all. We are based here in Central London and are buyers of some of the most complex types of properties in the UK (often found in London) – short leases, complex leaseholds, etc. This brings with it great experience in purchasing all kinds of property throughout the UK with minimal complications.

Good or poor condition

Put simply, we are home buyers of houses and flats in all states of repair – good and bad! As a professional cash buyer we can consider properties that most buyers would be unable to purchase. We are happy to take these risks and offer our customers the convenience of selling these less straightforward properties with ease.

My property is dangerous and uninhabitable, is this something you will buy?

Yes we are able to purchase such a property. As a professional home buyer we can provide you with an offer in just the same way we would for a new build house.

Houses, flats, maisonettes to name a few…

In 15+ years of business we have come across a broad range of different property types. We would love to hear from you and be able to make you an offer. Here are a few of the property types we have worked with previously:

  • Maisonettes
  • Studio apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Terraced properties
  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached properties
  • Mansion block flats
  • Purpose built flats
  • New build flats
  • Council / ex local authority flats
  • Penthouse apartments
  • Basement flats
  • Listed houses
  • Empty homes
  • Retirement flats
  • Bungalows

Will you purchase my property if it is currently let / tenanted?

We have purchased tenanted properties previously. Even if your tenant is troublesome and not providing access or indeed you have a sitting tenant, these are all situations we have experience of and doesn’t cause us any concern.

Do you offer a sale and rentback service?

Unfortunately this isn’t a service we are able to offer. This is a regulated activity and something we are not authorised to do. The closest solution we have (which is something that a number of our customers have found extremely useful) is that of offering a delayed completion. Rather than completion taking place soon after exchange, this can be delayed a month or two, to provide you with more time before having to move out.

No matter what your situation is…

Your situation generally has no impact on our decision to make you an offer. Certain situations may need discussion for us to put appropriate plans in place for the purchase to proceed smoothly. As we are professional home buyers having operated since 2003, we appreciate the various situations that come along in life necessitating a quick house sale –

  • Chain break solution needed
  • Looking to emigrate
  • Upsizing or downsizing
  • House sale fallen through
  • Deceased estate / Probate property
  • Relocating due to new employment
  • Facing property repossession
  • Difficulty selling your home
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Retiring
  • Sale of a second home
  • Financial hardship
  • Problem property
  • Unmortgageable / unsaleable property (Japanese knotweed, fire damage etc.)

If I'm in the process of being repossessed or in mortgage arrears, will you be able to assist?

If you are facing repossession, we can assist by contacting your mortgage lender letting them know that we are in the process of purchasing your property. If your lender is happy that any arrears / outstanding debt will be cleared by an agreed date, they may be able to stop the repossession order.

My house sale has fallen through, can you help?

We appreciate the concern and sometimes worry you may have when a prospective house sale falls through as this can sometimes leave you in quite a tricky situation, particularly if you have a future purchase lined up. LDN Properties are well placed to step in and continue with the purchase of your property, often working to tight deadlines. Quite often if a sale falls through, your solicitor will have documents readily available for us to use which can help speed the purchase up.

My house sale is being delayed by others in the property chain, what can I do?

As we are professional house buyers and not part of your property chain, we can step in and purchase your property directly. This can put you back in control of your future purchase plans.

My house is on the market for sale with no one interested, is this something you will consider?

We are mindful that the market can be quite slow at times, particularly at certain points in the year with buyers just not anywhere to be seen, and even more so if your property is rather unique / complex. With our dedication to the house buying market and with our professional team readily available, we can always consider purchasing properties that are of little interest to others.

Does the reason for me selling my property matter at all?

Generally speaking – no. You can choose to share with us your reasons as we may well be able to assist further by providing you with additional services along the way, such as assistance in house removals or working to specific timescales and completion schedules.

Other questions

I'm not in a hurry to sell my house, is LDN Properties still right for me?

Yes, we can offer you a fit for your house sale plans even if speed isn’t the main objective. Some of our customers have chosen to use our house buying service as we can offer the convenience and certainty of a house sale on their terms. The timescale at which you want to actually sell your house is entirely up to you, however the ability to target a specific date and not have to lift a finger for house removals etc. with our ability to purchase complex properties may give you enough of a reason to contact us. Some examples of scenarios where speed hasn’t been the main motivation:

  • Tenanted house where the tenant refused to allow viewings
  • Flat owned by an overseas family with no ties to the UK
  • HMO properties
  • Short lease apartment
  • House with Japanese knotweed growing in the garden

Can I sell my property as is, without clearing it out?

Most certainly – We are happy to purchase your property and take care of any house clearance ourselves. All we ask is for you to advise us upfront so we can make the necessary house clearance plans.

I live overseas and need a smooth sale of my UK property, can LDN Properties assist?

This is an area we have great experience in. We have purchased properties from overseas individuals looking to sell their UK property. Naturally there are language and time zone issues to overcome, however as we operate 24/7 we can provide the necessary dialogue with our clients no matter where in the world they are based. When it comes to any language barriers, we can’t guarantee we can speak all the languages of the world, however throughout the team and our advisers at our London office we have successfully dealt with such issues previously.

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"Successfully sold two properties direct to LDN Properties in the last two years. Genuine and trustworthy people and the dealings were straightforward."Thomas from London

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