I would like you to make me an offer, what do I need to do next?

Your next step is to simply complete our online valuation form, or if you would prefer you can just call us on 020 7183 3022.

How long will it take for you to provide me an offer?

One hour is all it takes typically for us to provide your indicative offer. Any offer we make may be "subject to" certain points, you will be made explicitly aware of this upfront and your offer will confirm the basis of our offer to you, i.e. a full cash offer. Our indicative offer is valid for 7 days – if time has passed we can re-appraise the property and local market conditions with a view to renewing your indicative offer. Our formal offer timing depends entirely on your property and is typically from 24 hours to 7 days, however we are transparent at every stage of your sale journey with us and available to speak at every stage.

Do you charge me anything to receive an offer and for you to value my property?

We are fee free from start to finish. We can also sometimes contribute to your legal fees too depending on the situation.

Will someone be sent out to see my property if I accept your offer?

In the majority of cases someone will be sent to your property once you have accepted our indicative offer. We find that some of our customers actually ask us to come out and meet them at the property, as they appreciate the personal touch we are able to offer. This also provides customers the opportunity to ask any questions they have in person and the ability to show us any specific property features they believe we should be aware of.

Will a survey be carried out before making me an offer?

A survey isn’t necessarily required. This all depends on the condition, value, situation and location of the property you are selling. We shall advise exactly the next steps required in our indicative offer. As professional property buyers we have the flexibility to take a varied approach as to how we purchase your property. We find this flexibility works extremely well in different circumstances – take the scenario of a tenanted apartment where the tenant has stopped paying rent and is currently not allowing access. We may be able to proceed with a purchase based on desktop research alone alongside an inventory / inventory pictures.

Does someone from LDN Properties come out to see my property before making me an offer?

Determining if one of our representatives needs to visit your property is on a "case-by-case" basis, however some of our customers would like to meet our team as part of the purchase process. If this is the case, we are usually happy to come out and discuss your property further with you at a convenient time. For London based properties this can even be on the same day as your initial enquiry.

Are there any properties or situations where you can't make me an offer for my house?

Generally speaking we are able to make an offer on all types of property in all situations. Our team has broad property experience and knowledge of the UK / London property markets and are able to take a view on all kinds of property being sold in all situations. The types of property we have purchased is extensive and we do like to help our customers out in tricky situations. If there is something which proves too difficult for us to make an offer on, we’ll always be upfront about this and tell you the reasons why. We may also be able to suggest alternative approaches for you to take.

How do you go about valuing my property?

Providing our indicative offer involves quite a number of steps and varies on a case-by-case basis, however to give you a flavour for some of the steps and analysis we may undertake, see below:

  • Local sale comparables from Land Registry data
  • On market comparables
  • Discussions with external advisers / property appraisal agents / estate agents
  • On street and neighbourhood analysis
  • Yield analysis and rental comparables
  • Local authority planning archives
  • Local authority masterplans
  • Enforcement notices
  • EPC register / Rightmove / Zoopla research
  • Internal research databases

Do you just use online methods to value my property and make me an offer?

We use varied methods to value your property and provide your offer. This often includes using online valuation tools in conjunction with real world information and inspections. The approach we take is property / situation specific and we believe this gives our customers a tailor-made personal property buying solution.

If the offer you make doesn't work for me, what can I do?

If you find our offer doesn’t work for you at any stage or indeed if your situation changes, you are free to walk away. We operate with no lock-ins, no exit-fees and no survey fees – this is all part of our customer centric approach to doing business. Naturally if you change your mind, you may have some of your own legal fees to pay.

Do I need to tell you if I don't want to accept your offer?

Please do! Unless we hear otherwise, we are always hard at work for you trying to make your property sale progress as fast and smoothly as possible.

If I accept your offer, how long will it take you to complete?

Once you have accepted our indicative offer, we get to work straight away to set a timescale for the purchase of your property. The actual timescale itself depends a lot on the speed at which you can get the legal process moving with your solicitor. Our legal team are experts in providing a quick and efficient conveyancing process having worked with us for many years. On this basis, we have the ability to exchange on property purchases in a matter of days. We look forward to showing you how smooth our purchase process can actually be and with all solicitors being on side we can achieve an exchange of contracts often in 1-2 weeks.

Putting a value on my home

Putting a valuation on your home and preparing your offer is extremely specific to your property as we want to ensure everything is factored into the offer we make. We can offer typically up to 85% of the market value for properties, however the age old question is "What is the market value?". As our service is completely free and confidential, you can request an indicative offer online or if you would rather have an initial discussion with the team, please give us a call on 020 7183 3022. Obtaining a valuation is not like obtaining credit, there is no footprint left anywhere of the offer we make and indeed you are not committed or locked into using our service whatsoever. You can literally receive our offer and just leave it there.

Despite our offer being at a discount to market value, it is important to consider any offer we make fairly with the alternative ways of selling your property:

  • Our purchase can take place in a matter of days / weeks not months
  • By selling quickly, you can save months of mortgage interest, service charge, council tax, maintenance and ground rent payments
  • House clearance fees can be avoided as you can sell the property to us "as is"
  • Flexible completion date – it can often be the case that you can avoid storage fees and short-term property rentals in between moving home by agreeing a completion date that suits your needs
  • With LDN Properties being a committed buyer and with a purchase timeline in place, you are in a strong position when bidding for your next property. You can present an extremely credible offer as a chain-free buyer that will set you apart from other buyers and possibly allow you to achieve a discount.
  • We may be able to provide a contribution to your legal fees

Is there a standard discount to market value you apply when making an offer?

We like to treat all our customers as individuals and not just a number – there is nothing standard about your property. Every property is unique and can warrant a different discount to market value. If we were to take an extreme example, if you were selling a house in a flood plain where all neighbouring properties are also currently for sale, we are likely to be offering a greater discount to market value. In contrast, an unmodernised house near to a city centre will likely attract a smaller discount.

What people talk about a "discount to market value", what does this mean?

Any offer we make is lower than market value, also known as a "discount to market value". If this was not the case, we would not be able to operate as a business. To operate a property buying business with exceptional customer service incurs many costs along the way. To cover all the bills and continue to operate, it is essential for a discount to be applied to all purchases we make.

How do I know you have made me a fair offer?

Being a customer focused business, we always strive to make our offers as fair as possible. With no lock-ins or upfront fees, we would encourage you to carefully consider our offer and see for yourself that it feels "fair and reasonable" given some of the benefits we can offer you, namely – speed, convenience and certainty.

Will you be able to increase your offer after visiting my property?

This is certainly a possibility particularly if there is something unique about your property. We can discuss this further with you after providing your indicative offer.

Will your offer ever change after I have agreed to sell my property to you?

Your initial offer is an indicative offer. We have no intention of changing our offer made at a later stage without good reason, however you will be made explicitly aware upfront if your offer is made "subject to", and should we become aware of any price impacting knowledge along the way, we shall let you know. Indeed, if there is something you believe we should be aware of that may impact your property valuation, please do make us aware of this at as early a stage as possible so our offer is as accurate as possible.

Will you share valuation information and reports with me?

We are happy to share information we have collected regarding your property and discuss any findings – please give us a call or contact us online. Given some of the data may be complex and needs interpretation, you may find it useful to talk things through with us.

My house isn't just like neighbouring properties, will you consider this when making me an offer?

Factoring in unique features is something we can certainly do. You could have an excessively large garden, planning potential for a extension or indeed a block of 10 garages adjoining your house and included as part of the sale. We have seen all types of unique features and feel we are well placed to consider these fairly when making your offer.

Why can't you pay full market value for my house?

At the end of the day we are business and wish to continue being able to provide our service to the best of our ability. To do this, it is essential for us to cover all the costs we incur along the way. Not to forget, sometimes we even have to sell properties ourselves at a loss despite our best efforts to avoid this – the risks of doing business.

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