How are you different to online and high street estate agents?

Maybe you have already tried selling your property with an estate agent or have previous experience dealing with these companies. Once you have signed up with a high street estate agent or paid upfront fees for an online estate agent, they often feel their job is done. In reality, their job has just begun! It is all too common however for people to be left waiting with the uncertainty of when (indeed if) an offer may come for their property. If an offer comes, it can be very different to the price level anticipated, with the risk of a price change at any time or indeed the sale falling through. All of this can take an unspecified length of time during which time all you can do is wait.

Here at LDN Properties, the approach is refreshingly different. Indeed, we try to be everything estate agents are not. We seek to give our customers the certainty of a sale, at an agreeable price, in a timescale that suits you perfectly and with no nasty surprises along the way. In summary, our customers are number one and we strive to do the best by them at every turn.

Should I consider using a property auction rather than a cash house buyer?

Property auctions are considered by many to be an alternative to a professional cash house buyer. In certain circumstances they can provide individuals with exactly what is required, however this isn’t always the case. Property auctions can give you the certainty of sale that may be needed, however the important purchase price is completely unknown until the day of the auction itself. The LDN Properties home buying service can often give you the sale certainty and price certainty within an hour of your initial enquiry. We are happy to discuss the feasibility of an auction sale versus using a professional home buying company further with you, as we have significant experience in both areas. Therefore, if a home buying company is not for you, we can provide you with impartial knowledge and information on the UK auction market. Feel free to contact our team of specialists on 020 7183 3022.

What is the best way for me to sell my house fast?

Given the choices you have when it comes to selling your property, you will typically find that the quickest way of securing a fast house sale with the added confidence of the sale actually going through is to use the services of a professional home buying business. You may instinctively feel that this just isn’t the way to approach selling your house, however given the benefits you can achieve by choosing this sale route, a sale to a professional home buyer should be considered seriously. What’s more, given LDN Properties charge absolutely no fees at all during any stage of the sale process, we are happy to provide you with an indicative valuation at no cost to you. All that is needed initially is for you to provide us with some basic information and we can take care of the rest.

Why do people choose to use home buying companies?

Certainty, speed and convenience (or a combination of these) are the common reasons mentioned as to why people choose to use the services of a home buying company. "Tricky" properties are another reason people turn to the professionalism of a home buying company – derelict, short leases, leasehold, unmortgageable properties etc. Quite a number of people still don’t realise that professional home buying firms provide a credible alternative to the conventional estate agent route. If you would like to understand more about the fast house buying service we can offer, we are always available to discuss further.

What sort of people chose to use a home buying company?

We can’t generalise as to the type of person who chooses to use our services. We have customers from all over the UK and indeed overseas too, across all age groups. It all comes down to personal circumstances that determine if a quick home buying company is right for you. If you are looking for the certainty of a house sale with the funds transferred by an agreed date, a home buying company could be for you.

If I choose to use a home buying company, how can I be sure I’m dealing with a reputable company

To help you navigate the home buying market, we would like to share with you some of our knowledge to assist you in selecting just the right home buying company for you. Naturally we would love you to use the LDN Properties home buying service for selling any property you have whether that be a house, flat or something less traditional, however it is important for you to make this important decision based on full information and armed with the right knowledge. Anything we mention below that we believe you should be asking other home buying companies, please feel free to ask of us too.

  • Take a close look at online review websites to see what customers are actually saying about the company and how they deal with their customers. Do be aware that online reviews can be fake, so it is important to look carefully which websites are displaying the reviews. We are proud to use an independent review service from that offers our customers the opportunity to provide impartial and unbiased reviews of our service – we would encourage you to have good look through our reviews here as we are proud to have helped hundreds of customers since 2003, with some customers having returned to us more than once!
  • Spend as much time as you can afford asking the company questions about how the process works and going into as much detail as possible. Some crucial questions to make sure you ask are "Who is actually going to be buying my property?", "Will you be buying my property entirely with cash?" and "Will you need a mortgage to buy my property?".
  • If anyone asks you to sign a contract upfront or pay any fees, treat this as an alarm bell! A reputable home buying firm would not be charging any fees, nor be requesting for you to sign a contract upfront.

How can I be comfortable dealing with LDN Properties?

LDN Properties have been trading since 2003 and have countless happy customers, indeed some of our customers are happy to vouch for our service too. We use the service of an independent reviews website – and would encourage you to take a read through what our customers are saying about us here.

To put your mind at ease, we would encourage you to call or email us with any questions you have.

Do I need to clear my property out before selling to a home buying company?

It is entirely your choice. Some of our customers would rather complete on the sale of the property and leave all the clearance work to us. This is completely fine, all we ask is for you to tell us upfront what you would like to do so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

We’re rated as Excellent provide independent reviews from other people just like you!

"Successfully sold two properties direct to LDN Properties in the last two years. Genuine and trustworthy people and the dealings were straightforward."Thomas from London

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