Selling an Investment Property

If you’re considering selling an investment property, be sure to read this guide covering the options available.

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Your top questions when selling an investment property

✅ What type of homes qualify as being investment properties?

Generally, an investment property is one that you bought to make money off and are not using as your primary residence. This can include buy-to-let homes, which you rent out to people on a monthly or annual basis in exchange for them paying you a regular fee. Or they can include properties that you’ve bought with the aim of renovating and hopefully selling for a profit.

✅ Are there are any restrictions on selling an investment property?

No, there are no prohibitions that say you cannot sell an investment property. However, there are certain complications that you’ll have to consider that would not apply to the sale of your private residence. For example, if you’re planning to sell a buy-to-let home that currently has tenants, this might potentially discourage certain buyers from any interest in the property.

✅ How might tax liabilities affect the ability to sell my investment property?

Tax changes in recent years have made buy-to-let properties a less attractive investment for some home buyers, because the revisions have increased the amount of rental profit that is subject to tax.

✅ What is the speediest way for selling my investment property?

Typically, contacting a fast buyer like LDN Properties is the fastest way to sell your investment property because they should be able to complete the entire process in just a handful of weeks, and that includes paying you the proceeds and exchanging contracts. Auctions can take at least a few weeks, and with estate agents it can take more than a full year to find a serious buyer.

✅ Should I notify my existing tenants when selling an investment property?

Yes, if you have current tenants on an existing rental agreement at your investment property, you need to tell them about your plan to sell the home. You can choose between trying to find a buyer for the property that will allow the rental agreement to continue, or you can take the more complicated path of attempting to evict your tenants before seeking a buyer for the home.

✅ Will every method of selling my investment property include fees?

No, you will usually only have to pay fees if you sell via an auctioneer or estate agent. By contrast, you will never have to pay any fees if you sell your house or flat to a fast buyer like LDN Properties.

✅ What assurances do I have that I can trust a quick property buyer?

Trustworthy quick home buyers like LDN Properties will be registered with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), which is an independent organisation that writes rules to protect homeowners against scams in the fast buying sector. All true TPO members must adhere to those regulations, which should give you peace of mind when selling your home to them.

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