Selling a Bungalow

Bungalows can be sought after by buyers because their smaller size can make them more manageable, but there are still some potential issues to consider when selling a bungalow.

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Your top questions when selling a bungalow

✅ What type of properties in the UK are considered bungalows?

You have a bungalow if you own a property that is a small, single-story home with a sloped roof, which is usually tiled, and it has a small garden in the front and space to park a car. These properties can be freehold, where you own the home and its land completely, or leasehold, where you pay the freeholder a yearly ground rent in exchange for owning the property.

✅ What are the pros associated with owning a bungalow?

There are a few reasons why people looking to buy a home might be attracted to your bungalow, including that the reduced size can sometimes mean the owner pays lower utility bills because there’s a smaller amount of space to heat. The reduced size of bungalows can also be very appealing to elderly buyers because it’s much less space they have to manage.

✅ Do buyers see any drawbacks with buying a bungalow?

Yes, there are a few factors that might complicate the sale of your bungalow, including that the smaller size might be a turnoff for buyers with larger families or that are looking to upsize from their current home. And even though bungalows could have lower utility bills, some of the other maintenance costs like plumbing might be higher than you’d find with other properties.

✅ Should I get planning permission before selling my bungalow?

It’s not necessary, but it might help with attracting more buyers if you are able to get planning permission that would give the next owner the existing legal authority to build an extension on the property. Obtaining planning permission can be a long and costly process, and that’s why already having it approved can sometimes make a property more valuable to buyers.

✅ What is the rate of Capital Gains Tax I'll pay on the sale of my bungalow?

You might not have to pay any Capital Gains Tax, particularly if you make a loss on the sale compared to what you first paid for the bungalow or you only break even by selling close to that purchase price. If you are required to pay tax on the sale of your bungalow then it will be based not on the sale price of the home but on how much profit you are able to make from selling. Make sure to obtain professional tax advice before making decisions.

✅ What amount of commission will I have to pay when selling my bungalow?

If you sell your home through an estate agent or auctioneer then the commission is often charged in a range as percentage of the final property sale price. But if you decide to sell on your own or sell to a reputable no-fee quick buyer like LDN Properties then you won’t have to pay any commission.

✅ Which method for selling a bungalow is considered the fastest?

Usually selling to quick property buyer is the most rapid option, because they can generally finalise the purchase of a bungalow or any other type of leasehold or freehold home in just a handful of weeks. Selling through an estate agent, on your own, or via an auctioneer are all generally much slower options and could take many months to more than a full year.

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