What exactly does a conveyancer do?

When you have decided to sell your house or flat, you’ll need to engage a conveyancer who will take care of the legal paperwork involved in transferring ownership of your home. Finding the right conveyancer can make all the difference in securing a smooth sale.

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Our frequently asked questions about conveyancers

When people call us to ask about selling their homes, they sometimes have questions about exactly what conveyancers do. Below are the three queries that we are asked often:

✅ Am I required by law to have a conveyancer?

There is no legally binding mandate that says you must hire a conveyancer to handle all the paperwork involved with selling your house or flat. But you should be aware that doing all the work yourself can be troublesome and stressful, and also incredibly expensive in the event that you accidentally make a significant paperwork error.

✅ What's the average length of the conveyancing process?

For most house or flat sales you can roughly expect the conveyancing process to take between 12 and 16 weeks from the very beginning to the end. This includes all the various stages, starting with the pre-contract appointment of a conveyancer through to the end of the home sale with exchange and completion of contracts.

✅ Can I use a solicitor instead of a conveyancer?

You could, and most solicitors who are qualified to handle property transactions will be able to do the tasks that a conveyancer could. But solicitors are always more expensive than conveyancers so that will cost you more money, and they’re also not necessary unless you are dealing with a particularly legally complex home sale.

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