Selling a Smallholding

Smallholdings are properties that are used for farming but much smaller than typical farms, and there can be various pros and cons when selling this type of property.

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Your top questions when selling a smallholding

✅ What is a smallholding property?

Across the UK you can find smallholdings, which typically consist of a residential property built on land that is anywhere in size from 1 acre to 50 acres and is used for certain types of horticultural or agricultural activities. Because of the size of land required for this work, you’ll find that smallholdings are generally located in areas considered to be country or rural.

✅ What can qualify as a smallholding in the UK?

There are a number of different horticultural and agricultural practices for which you can use smallholding land, and these include producing dairy and eggs to sell them in the nearby area, raising livestock including chicken, pigs, sheep and cattle for various purposes, keeping bees to make honey that you can then sell, certain types of forestry and other examples.

✅ Can a buyer get a mortgage to purchase my smallholding?

Many mortgage providers could be cautious about granting loans for buyers to purchase smallholdings due to various concerns about the property, including restrictions and the buyer’s plans for how they’ll use it. If someone will need to rely on a mortgage in order to afford purchasing your smallholding then this could be enough to prevent them from doing so.

✅ Why might some buyers be cautious about owning a smallholding?

Beyond the potential complication associated with obtaining a mortgage to purchase your smallholding, buyers might be hesitant to make an offer on it for various reasons. These can include the fact that the workload involved with the farming practice on the land may be too time-consuming and stressful, and that the property could be situated in an undesirable area.

✅ What reasons may lead a buyer to make an offer on a smallholding?

There are a few justifications for why someone could be interested in making on offer to purchase your smallholding, including a desire to experience what it’s like to live on land that you use for growing crops or other farming practices, the possibility of passing the property on to future generations, and the potential for making a profit from doing that work.

✅ What is the fastest approach to sell my smallholding?

Typically the speediest way to sell a smallholding will be getting in touch with a quick buyer like LDN Properties, because the entire timeline should only be a handful of weeks, and this covers the important steps of exchanging contracts and paying you the proceeds. Selling via an auction, an estate agent or without any assistance can all take at least several months.

✅ Will I be required to pay commission when selling a smallholding?

Not necessarily, because you won’t have to pay any fees if you either sell you smallholding without any help or you sell to a zero-commission quick buyer such as LDN Properties. But if you choose to sell through an auctioneer or an estate agent, they will make you pay commission that will raise your expenses because it’ll be deducted from the eventual sale proceeds.

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