Selling Property By Raffle

Using a raffle to sell a freehold or leasehold property is an unusual method that has several possible downsides, and other methods are available that could help you get a fast sale.

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Your top questions when selling property by raffle

✅ How can I raffle my leasehold or freehold house or flat?

Raffling your leasehold or freehold property is a novel method for finding a buyer, and it works the same way as other types of raffles. You will sell numbered tickets at a set price and people will be able to buy as many of these tickets as they can afford, until the day you draw one of these random numbers and that person will win the ownership of your property.

✅ Is it legal to try and sell a property through a raffle?

Yes, you’re allowed by law to sell a freehold or leasehold house, flat or any other type of property using a raffle. However, you must ensure the terms of the raffle are in full compliance with applicable regulations established by the UK’s Gambling Commission, because a lottery is considered a type of gambling, given that the winner is drawn at random from tickets sold.

✅ What are the benefits of selling a home via a raffle?

You may find that there are some advantages linked to selling your leasehold or freehold property through a raffle, such as making a decent profit if many people are interested in owning your home and they purchase many tickets. A raffle can also be one way to solve the problem of a property struggling to sell, for example those homes that have structural issues.

✅ What are the drawbacks of finding a buyer for a property using a raffle?

There are several disadvantages that you might experience when trying to sell your home using a raffle, including the fact that you could fail to sell enough tickets to produce a profit on the sale of the property. Another possible concern is that the Gambling Commission could block the raffle from happening and impose fines on you, if it doesn’t comply with their regulations.

✅ What are the alternative methods to sell a home instead of a raffle?

If you decide against selling your freehold or leasehold house, flat or other property using a raffle, then there are four typical methods available for finding a buyer. These include selling to a quick home buying company such as LDN Properties, selling using the services of an estate agent, trying your luck with a property auction, or selling without any external help.

✅ Which of the alternative home selling methods is the fastest to find a buyer?

Of the four selling methods available beyond a raffle, you’ll find that selling to LDN Properties or another quick buyer is the swiftest choice because it should only take a handful of weeks to complete. Selling on your own, selling with an auctioneer or selling with an estate agent are all slower methods that can take many months, and possibly even more than an entire year.

✅ Which of the other approaches for selling a home charge commission?

If you attempt to sell your property through an estate agent or an auctioneer then you will have to pay them commission, and this will increase your total selling costs because the fee is taken out of the final sale proceeds immediately. But if you decide to sell to a quick buyer like LDN Properties or sell without any assistance, then you will not have to pay any fees.

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