How to sell a plot of land

If you’re the owner of a plot of land you might be tempted to sell it quickly, but it’s important to know the steps involved before you try selling.

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Selling a plot of land: typical questions and answers

If you’re trying to sell your plot of land, you probably have some pressing questions about the process. Here are just a few of the typical things that people ask us:

✅ Can I sell my plot of land without planning permission?

Yes you can, there are no restrictions legal or otherwise on selling your plot of land if it doesn’t have planning permission in place. This can be a good option if you need to sell in a hurry, but your land will be less valuable than a plot with planning permission.

✅ Should I get planning permission before trying to sell?

As explained above, you don’t need to, but it can be a wiser financial move. Having planning permission for your land makes it far more attractive to buyers, and therefore you’ll probably get a much higher sale price for your plot of land if you have it.

✅ Is planning permission the only thing that will affect the value of my land?

No, there are number of other factors that can either enhance or decrease the value of your plot of land. These can include the location of the property, the nearby amenities such as schools and shopping, and more.

✅ If I sell a plot of land using an auction, will I have to pay the auctioneer fees?

It depends on your specific circumstances, so always check with the auction house before you commit to using that method for selling the land. Some auctioneers will make you pay commission for the work that they do in selling your plot of land, but others might allow you to transfer the burden of paying those fees on to the winning high bidder who buys your land.

✅ Can any estate agent sell a plot of land?

No. Some estate agents only know how to sell freehold and leasehold houses and flats, and have no experience selling plots of land. If you try to use such an estate agent to sell your plot of land, they might struggle to do and fail to find you a buyer. If you’re thinking of using an estate agent, confirm with them that they have successfully sold plots of land in the past.

✅ What's the fastest way possible to sell a plot of land?

When you want to sell a plot of land, your choices generally are between using an estate agent, an auctioneer, or a cash buyer like LDN Properties. An estate agent might take many months or even more than a year to find a buyer, and an auctioneer could at least take a couple of months. Cash buyers typically can complete the purchase of a plot of land in a handful of weeks.

✅ Will a fast property buyer charge me fees for buying my plot of land?

The reputable fast property buyers, such as LDN Properties, never charge any fees for buying plots of land, houses, flats or another other property. That means the owner gets to receive the maximum possible profit when selling. Be wary of any quick property buyer that charges owners fees, because there’s a strong possibility that it might be a scam business.

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