Selling An Airey House

An Airey house is an old type of prefabricated property that now falls short of building standards, which can make them difficult to sell.

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Your top questions when selling an Airey house

✅ What are Airey houses?

They are a particular type of prefabricated residential property that proved popular between roughly 1945 and 1955 when an estimated 26,000 homes were built in this style. The design was created by the civil engineer and industrialist Sir Edwin Airey, and the prefab nature of the properties meant that they could be built much cheaper and faster than other homes.

✅ What are the potential drawbacks of an Airey house?

The relatively cheap material and the concrete used in constructing Airey properties has led to structural problems over the long term, leading the UK government to ultimately deem these homes to be defective as they do not meet modern housing requirements. The biggest consequence that can happen as a result is damage to the home’s structural integrity.

✅ Is it possible to get a mortgage to buy an Airey home?

It is not impossible but it will be very difficult because mortgage lenders will be worried about the physical integrity of the property. They might refuse to grant a loan because they will have concerns about their ability to resell the home in the future if required, in a situation where the buyer defaults on the loan and the lender has to seek another buyer to recoup its costs.

✅ Should I invest in renovation work before selling my Airey property?

Whether or not you would like to spend effort, money and time on renovating your Airey house before seeking a buyer is entirely your decision. But you should not overextend your budget on such work before selling, as it can cost at least £40,000 and take a very long time. You can still sell your home as is without any new work by contacting a quick property buyer.

✅ Will I need to pay any fees when selling my Airey house?

Not if you attempt to sell the home on your own without any third party assistance, or if you sell the property to a no-fee quick buyer such as LDN Properties. But you will be required to pay commission, which will increase your overall selling expenses, if you attempt to sell your property either through an auction or using the services of an estate agent.

✅ What is the quickest method for selling an Airey property?

You should get in touch with a fast home buying company, like LDN Properties, because they have the ability to finalise the process of purchasing almost any home within a handful of weeks. The three other typical options for selling a home, which are using an estate agent, selling at an auction or selling on your own, can all take many months at least, if not longer.

✅ Are there any ways to verify if a quick buyer is legitimate?

Yes, you can visit the website of The Property Ombudsman (TPO), an independent organisation that issues regulations to protect homeowners from fraud in the quick buying industry, and search the name of individual companies. TPO will list genuine members like LDN Properties, but if the company you’re looking for does not show up then you should be careful if selling to them.

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