Furnishing and dressing a property before sale

Furnishing and dressing your house before selling can be beneficial, however it is often time consuming and expensive. LDN Properties can offer you a fast direct house sale.

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Should I Furnish and Dress My Property Before Selling? Quick Questions

The team at LDN Properties are property professionals and we are often asked questions relating to maximising the sale value of your home. Here are some of the most frequently asked queries we hear from customers looking to sell fast in London:

✅ Will dressing my property improve my sale price?

In dressing your property, you will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your potential buyers. At LDN Properties, we believe that this is one of the many tools that you can use to your advantage to ensure that offers come in that match the price range you’re looking for.

✅ Will a furnished property sell quicker than an unfurnished property?

In the past, our experts at LDN Properties have found that furnished properties often sell quicker than unfurnished properties. When you’re selling a furnished property, you’re selling something that already looks like a home. This is aesthetically appealing, especially in the photographs that potential buyers will view before deciding whether or not to visit.

✅ Is there a way to quickly sell an unfurnished property?

Depending on the area that your property can be found in, you might find that it will also sell quickly unfurnished. If you are selling your property, the team at LDN Properties would be more than happy to make you a no-obligation offer today.

Can LDN Properties Buy Your Home?

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